Praava Health

A healthcare platform providing high-quality digital health and in-clinic experiences

Dhaka, Bangladesh
Founder, Chair and Chief Executive Officer
Sylvana Q. Sinha
Year founded

Praava Health is a patient-driven company disrupting the standard for healthcare for Bangladesh’s 170 million citizens. Tripling growth every year since launching in 2018 and currently serving 200,000 patients, the platform combines technology (Bangladesh's first patient app) with traditional health services – meaningful doctor-patient relationships (15-minute appointments) and quality diagnostics (lab and imaging) and medications – to improve patient experiences and outcomes.

Praava’s “brick-and-click” healthcare platform integrates digital health and in-clinic experiences convenient to where everyone lives, works and clicks. Praava’s tech-forward model is designed to be efficient, accessible and scalable in emerging markets, where 85% of the world lives.
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