Accurate and fast answers to any natural language question

San Mateo, USA
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Ryan Welsh
Year founded

Kyndi is a software company that offers a natural language technology (NLT) platform to enterprises. Kyndi maximizes the success rate and ROI of Cognitive Search and AI-driven analytics use cases by accelerating the building, deployment, and maintenance of enterprise AI applications. Kyndi's product exists to amplify the productivity of the 230+ million workers globally who spend 25% of their time looking for answers in, and extracting information from, text-heavy documents.

If the 2000s were about becoming a Big Data-enabled enterprise, and the 2010s were about becoming a Data Science-enabled enterprise, then the 2020s are about becoming a natural Language-enabled enterprise. Kyndi’s platform is the leading NLT platform enabling this transformation.
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