Commercializing advanced ion-exchange materials to enable the hydrogen economy

Vancouver, Canada
Bill Haberlin
Year founded

Ionomr makes Aemion+ and Pemion, next-generation ion-exchange membranes and polymers for clean technology applications, including heavy-duty fuel cells and electrolyzers for green hydrogen + CO2 conversion to industrial chemicals & fuels. These provide the first enabling, green, and Fluorine-free platform for clean energy solutions after over five decades of stagnation in available materials. Using its knowledge of scalable electrochemical systems, Ionomr enables more-efficient, lower cost systems to accelerate the decarbonization of the planet for future generations.

Ionomr’s membranes and polymers are leading the way in the clean hydrogen economy. Our materials enable partners to take fuel cell vehicles, green hydrogen generators and CO2 conversion systems to market faster, more cleanly and with better performance.
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