Banyan Nation

Driving circular economy via technology-driven informal recycler integrative technology solutions

Hyderabad, India
Mani Vajipeyajula
Year founded

Banyan is solving the problem of plastic pollution through dual innovations. It leverages mobile technology to integrate thousands of informal recyclers into a fair and equitable supply chain. Its unique washing technology eliminates contaminants from discarded plastics and helps produce virgin-like recycled plastic. Last year, over 100 million shampoo and lotion bottles were made by leading fast-moving consumer goods companies using Banyan's recycled plastic. In 5 years, it aims to recycle over 50,000 tonnes yearly.

In the developing world, recycling activities are relegated to informal markets. Banyan aims to harness the power of informal recyclers through mobile platforms, offering them access to mainstream markets and driving the use of safe and quality recycled plastic.
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