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Forum-led initiatives

The Forum’s New Economy and Society unit hosts five major initiatives that adopt accelerated approaches to education, reskilling, upskilling and better jobs. Each effort is a large scale “systems change” accelerator and aggregator with the ambition to drive change within the initiative as well as become a role model for replication and learning.

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CHRO and CLO Communities

Mobilizing peer networks to share experiences and best practices, synthesize learnings and foster action on the future of work.

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Closing the Skills Gap Country Accelerators

Scaling country-level reskilling and upskilling efforts.

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Education 4.0 Initiative

Mapping needed reforms to primary and secondary education systems which can ensure the future of the next generation.

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Preparing for the Future of Work Industry Accelerators

Scaling industry-level reskilling and upskilling efforts.

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Skills Consortium, group collaborating

The Skills Consortium

Mapping channels for delivering online reskilling and upskilling alongside tailored learning options to lifelong learners.

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Coalitions demonstrate the efficiency and speed needed for the adult workforce, new financing approaches, a focus on equipping youth who have recently joined or will imminently join the workforce with relevant skills, and game-changing solutions to transforming how the private sector manages and accounts for human capital.

Companies have a key role to play when it comes to investing in human capital, including their own workforce, their value chains and their broader community. Several of the platform partners have mobilized resources and influenced a network of stakeholders in their value chains that many in governments and civil society cannot do on their own.