Preparing for the Future of Work

The Preparing for the Future of Work Industry Accelerators now comprise more than 200 senior executives and global experts across 9 global industry groupings (advanced manufacturing; aerospace; aviation, travel and tourism; consumer; financial services; health and healthcare; mining and metals; media, entertainment and culture; oil and gas). Members of the accelerators collaborate on initiatives that will help prepare their workforce for future skills and job needs and ensure they can remain productive and employable through the impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the COVID-19 pandemic.

As part of its COVID-19 strategic pivot, the industry accelerators launched a virtual Learning Network in June 2020, connecting all industry accelerators, providing members with regular opportunities to learn from one another, exchanging ideas and best practices around workforce management as well as synergies with other workstreams under the Reskilling Revolution umbrella. The key learnings, principles, resources and best practices of the community have been captured in dedicated Playbooks that inform the broader community and enable informed and effective actions.

Directly informed by these activities, numerous participating companies this year have accelerated their commitment on strategic workforce planning, scaled and modernized their upskilling and reskilling capacities, as well as have taken active steps in providing workers at risk of redundancy with viable and desirable job transition opportunities into new jobs and careers.