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Swasth was born as a response to the first wave of COVID-19 out of the efforts of a group of volunteer leaders spanning the Indian health and technology system. The vision of the Swasth Alliance is to leverage digital health technologies to drive healthcare inclusion and outcomes, with a particular focus on enabling comprehensive, value-based integrated care models at the primary and preventive levels.

While its longer term goal is to build public digital infrastructure for healthcare, when the second wave hit India, it moved its focus back to life-saving pandemic relief given the acute nature of the pandemic.

COVID-19 Response

In the first wave, Swasth enabled telemedicine support and homecare monitoring for 260,000 patients. Between October and December 2020, the alliance ran an oxygen concentrator (OC) pilot that deployed some 160 OCs in rural districts in seven states.

Based on positive feedback from the distribution of oxygen concentrators, the alliance started Oxygen For Everyone with ACT Grants and delivered 40,000 oxygen devices. Swasth also worked with doctors from global academic medical centres and rural health organizations to create a common core of open-source clinical protocols and health worker training material.

Having worked on telemedicine, home care, and last-mile oxygenation in the first wave of the pandemic in India, we broadened and scaled our efforts during the second wave. We worked with partners to build infrastructure in 500 districts in India, providing patients and caregivers with access to verified hyper-local information and working with clinicians, academics and scientists to create evidence-based guidance and toolkits for patient care.

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