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Spandan Samaj Seva Samiti

Social Enterprise, Non-profit with FCRA Certificate

Founder / CEO
Seema Prakash
Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh

Spandan Samaj Seva Samiti works with the lesser-known and nutritionally vulnerable Korku tribe of Madhya Pradesh, India. The aim of the organization is to relieve the suffering of malnourished children and create a food secure environment wherein the poor can access most of the food and nutrition they need in their neighbourhood. It also works to preserve the tribe's endangered language and culture.

COVID-19 Response

Spandan Samaj Seva Samiti is a non-profit focused on severely, moderately and acutely malnourished children under the age of five, high-risk pregnant mothers, migrant workers in reverse migration, and migration-prone tribal women.

It has provided food baskets for kids, ration support to migrant families, and aid to individuals with comorbidities. It has also provided sanitary pads to women and girls, masks for frontline nutrition workers, and blankets for the elderly and disadvantaged.

The COVID-19 pandemic has hurt the already poor and remote Korku tribe community. The situation is precarious as hunger has been peaking and has affected mothers and children the most. We need to support the community during the pandemic in a manner that they find helpful and that enhances their resilience in future pandemics.

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