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Founder / CEO
Dr Shelley Saxena
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Sevamob provides artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled healthcare platforms to organizations. The platform has two components: a) an AI-based proprietary point-of-care screening for blood, vision, diet, urine and sputum, and b) health outcome delivery via tele-health and asset-light pop-up clinics. By integrating these components, the organization enables the delivery of primary care at costs up to 50% lower than the average.

COVID-19 Response

Sevamob has provided medical advice via telehealth and provided onsite screening and treatment for asymptomatic, mild and moderately ill patients via mobile and employee health clinics. It has also referred patients to in-network COVID-19 designated hospitals for critical care and provided supplemental oxygen and assisted with patient data management and analytics. Its vaccination services have included both registration and vaccination.

We have to live with COVID-19. Vaccination is key for recovery. Countries with low vaccination rates will continue to experience disastrous COVID-19 waves and their economies will continue to pay a steep price for this.

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