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SELCO Foundation

Social Enterprise, Non-profit with FCRA Certificate

Founder / CEO
Harish Hande
Bengaluru, Karnataka

SELCO Foundation envisions a socially sustainable society. It seeks to create avenues to build assets, enhance quality of life and create wealth that will uplift deprived sections of society through sustainable development, replicable social innovations and solutions in areas of livelihoods, education and health.

The Foundation works to link the benefits of sustainable energy to poverty eradication by collaborating with governments, NGOs, financial institutions, public institutions, social enterprises, etc.

COVID-19 Response

SELCO has been working with a network of 200 regional social enterprises to deliver a response that is a combination of relief, recovery and resilience. SELCO has been focusing on empowering end-users, civil society organizations and policy-makers with healthcare and livelihoods solutions.

With district administration and state health departments, the organization has strengthened the COVID-19 response through mobile testing kits, immunization cold chains, ICU units, isolation wards, etc. It has also launched a programme focused on building the resilience of local micro and small businesses.

The pandemic has pushed the poor further into poverty, as the onslaught of COVID-19 has affected their health and their short-term and long-term livelihoods. The collapse of centralized supply chains has led to immense loss of opportunities for multiple generations of families in the lower strata of the economic pyramid. SELCO Foundation has used Sustainable Development Goal 7 as a catalyst to create decentralized safety nets that will both help the poor evade such crises in the future and tackle climate change.

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