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SaveLIFE Foundation

Social Enterprise, Non-profit with FCRA Certificate

Founder / CEO
Piyush Tewari
New Delhi

Road traffic crashes kill 1.35 million people globally each year. SaveLIFE Foundation (SLF) saves lives on roads in India and beyond by preventing crashes and improving emergency medical care. It operates at the intersection of policy-making and on-the-ground innovation.

It is best known for getting India its Good Samaritan Law and for halving fatalities on several highways in the country, including the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. Its approach when applied to COVID-19 has helped reduce ambulance response time.

COVID-19 Response

SaveLIFE Foundation used its traditional expertise in emergency medical response, data analytics, training and procurement to assist eight states, starting with Delhi, to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the past 18 months, SLF has helped increase Delhi’s ambulance capacity by 240%, optimized deployment and reduced response times from one hour on average to under 20 minutes.

It has procured and provided oxygen infrastructure to 27 districts in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Meghalaya, Himachal Pradesh and others to fight the surge in COVID-19 cases. Additionally, it has provided rations, nutrition and safe transport to migrant workers in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka. It is also providing access to vaccines to underserved communities in Maharashtra.

It has been our privilege to serve in this time of crisis and need. Our work on road safety and trauma care prepared us in many ways to be able to assist our government partners as they responded to the COVID-19 pandemic. We will continue these efforts for as long as required.

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