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Sanjha Collective - Goonj

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Anshu Gupta
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Goonj’s Sanjha is a network of 500 grassroots organizations that, for two decades, has been the base of its work. During the pandemic, Goonj has been working closely with this network to act as a force multiplier to replicate work happening throughout India to counter systemic issues, ensuring the affected population is involved and making them equal stakeholders in their development process. This network helps Goonj evolve a human-centric disaster response that prioritizes the welfare, voice and dignity of people.

COVID-19 Response

The primary aim of Goonj’s Sanjha network has been to respond to the needs emerging from the grassroots level. The collective has worked with local vendors and volunteers to fulfill the needs of underserved communities that are missing out on the support they need to address their challenges.

The collective has also encouraged local leadership, giving voice and visibility to people’s challenges. The focus has been on providing food and medical needs to communities such as transgenders, artisans, sex workers, migrants, women, and resource-deprived institutions. The collective has also been supporting roadside eateries and reviving and running kitchens to ensure food security.

With more people being pushed into poverty, there is now a hierarchy of marginalization. Those who were already vulnerable to COVID-19 – people with leprosy, HIV, disabilities, transgender people, and sex workers – have become almost invisible now. The pandemic has brought out the stark differences in the breadth and depth of vulnerability that people are facing today. We must remember that for many of these communities, there is an even greater need now for certain basics.

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