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Saath Nirbhar - vartaLeap Coalition and ComMutiny

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vartaLeap Coalition with ComMutiny
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Young peoples' leadership in resurrecting their own lives and those of their communities is needed in large numbers to strengthen personal and societal well-being to become a beacon of agency and social hope in the short and the long term.

vartaLeap is responding to the pandemic quickly and effectively, while supporting local governments and other systems, through relief and recovery as well as by co-creating a space of resilience with frontline workers, youth volunteers and youth workers.

COVID-19 Response

The vartaLeap collaborative has distributed safety and protective gear and provided food security and medical services and supplies (oxygen support, ambulance services, isolation facilities and more). It has also worked on intergenerational group interventions, preventive well-being and feeling-based dialogues and structured experiences.

Saath Nirbhar means “our well-being” as humanity is linked at the hip to each other. Well-being comes from reflecting on how an individual can take charge of their own lives and how collaborative social action can be preventive as well as therapeutic for personal and collective happiness. This approach to well-being inspires young people to understand the realm of hope and control that stems from the reality that human civilization is nothing but an evolution of saath nirbharta.

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