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Rural Access Coalition

Ecosystem Initiative

Founder / CEO
Ajaita Shah, Madan Padaki, Vamsi Udayagiri, Sachin Golwarkar, Srikrishna Murthy
Partner organizations

Frontier Markets, HESA Global and 1Bridge are rural access companies committed to driving quality products and services delivered at the doorstep to rural families. It invests in rural entrepreneurs and equip them with vernacular-assisted commerce technology solutions enabling income opportunities and connecting services real-time with data-centric models.

Collectively, the group has 30,000 rural entrepreneurs reaching 1 million rural households in four states of India.

COVID-19 Response

In response to COVID-19, the three organizations, alongside United Way Delhi, Sattva Consulting, Noora Health and ARMMAN formed the Rural Access Coalition for COVID Resilience. The coalition aims to empower 30,000 rural leaders to ensure 1 million rural households have access to products, health services, and information to build COVID-19 resilience. It provides access to COVID Raksha Kits, including N95 masks, hand sanitizers, vitamin C supplements, oximeters, and digital thermometers.

It raises awareness of COVID-19 preventive measures, patient treatment and vaccination through a “phygital” approach – a mix of physical and digital information access. They have trained their entrepreneurs to promote vaccine drives, helping with awareness, demand generation, registrations and coordination of vaccines in their areas.

The Rural Access Coalition will help overcome grassroots-level challenges in rural India by leveraging its existing platform and access to families fast. Through this coalition, our impactful work in deep rural areas will be amplified alongside accessibility, economic development and opportunities. This is a step forward in our mission to simplify rural lives for better livelihoods, while helping coordinate deep health-related challenges due to COVID-19.

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