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Reap Benefit

Social Enterprise, Non-profit with FCRA Certificate

Founder / CEO
Kuldeep Dantewadia
Bengaluru, Karnataka

Reap Benefit is striving to build the Solve Ninja network – a grassroots movement of young leaders under the age of 25 solving local problems across the country.

By activating their 21st century skills, the organization aims to nurture youth leaders who can enable sustainable development in a decentralized manner in different communities. So far, it has nurtured 52,018 Solve Ninjas and helped save 54.3 million litres of water, divert 187 tonnes of waste from landfills and conserve 1.7 million units of electricity.

COVID-19 Response

A decentralized approach through Reap Benefit’s citizen network and open technology tools has brought together civil society organizations, citizen and governance systems to facilitate relief work at the hyper-local level for 1.6 million people from underserved communities.

It has focused on ensuring that people are equipped with reliable and accurate information to access essential resources, healthcare, vaccines and other government benefits throughout the country.

Collective technology and spirit of decentralization allow us to stay ahead of the problem. The only way to defeat COVID-19 is through community collaboration and localization.

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