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pink maharani

Social Enterprise, Enterprise with FCRA Certificate

Founder / CEO
Narmada Ramakrishna
Geneva, Switzerland

pink maharani is a sustainable luxury slow fashion brand working primarily in the conflict region of Kashmir and partially in other regions of India to produce artisanal products empowering women, girls and the artisan community. [Image credit: Protsahan]

COVID-19 Response

With direct access to remote communities, especially in rural India, through its partners, pink maharani has come together with diverse European partners to mobilize funds, provide rations, secure livelihoods and provide support in trauma counselling for children orphaned during the pandemic.

The organization raised ₹4.9 million to co-facilitate daily meals served to over 400,000 individuals, supported 5,000 families with basic rations, secured the livelihoods of 200 artisans, and provided 1,000 people with mental health support. It has collaborated with NGOs throughout India that have less access to resources but do high-impact work.

I had COVID-19 and am lucky enough to live in Switzerland with great healthcare. While recovering and fundraising simultaneously, I imagined how it would be in a Kashmiri village: I might have suffered more or not survived even it. This first-hand experience is enough for us continue our efforts.

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