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Naireeta Services

Social Enterprise, Enterprise

Founder / CEO
Biplabketan Paul
Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Naireeta Services is a social enterprise that enables ultra-poor women who are small landholders to become #WomenClimateLeaders to emancipate theirs peer from abject poverty and climate shocks. It does so by using Naireeta’s globally acclaimed BHUNGROO innovation, which defeats drought by reusing unwanted and excess floodwater.

By applying Mahatma Gandhi’s Antodaya principle, Naireeta has helped 150,000 rural poor benefit from the use of 4,500 BHUNGROO devices. Their income increased by 300% and they were able to achieve food security and were emancipated from the debt trap.

COVID-19 Response

Even though Naireeta Services is a small organization with modest financial strength, it has been able to successfully rope in multi-disciplinary experts co create immediate, short-and long-term action plans that youths and women volunteers can implement. BHUNGROO’s goodwill was instrumental in accelerating the momentum at minimum cost and time for impact in 12 Indian states and more than seven nations, impacting 60,000 vulnerable and marginalized people.

We are only able to deliver a miniscule endeavour in the face of humongous needs. We are continuing our endeavours within Mahatma Gandhi's Antodaya principle, aiming for a potential ripple effect for millions.

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