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Migrants Resilience Collaborative - Jan Sahas

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Ashif Shaikh
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The Migrants Resilience Collaborative (MRC) is a grassroots-led multistakeholder collaborative of non-profit, philanthropic and private sector actors. Over the next three years, MRC will work in 100 districts and cities in more than 10 states to ensure social security benefits, to prevent and address forced labour, and to ensure safe employment for 10 million vulnerable migrant workers and their families in India.

COVID-19 Response

Since October 2020, Migrants Resilience Collaborative (MRC) has established operations in 84 districts in 12 states. The collaborative has partnered with 16 NGOs that implement MRC services in 20 districts. So far, 1.5 million social security scheme applications have been filed and migrant families have already received 950,000 benefits.

The MRC established a 24x7 National Worker Helpline that has taken 3,300 calls supporting 5,000 workers. The collaborative has also brought four big companies onboard for the Responsible Recruitment Pledge.

To combat migrant workers' vulnerability during the COVID-19 humanitarian crisis, we provided emergency relief to 1.5 million migrants and excluded households and aim to reach 10 million workers.

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