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MAHAN Trust, Melghat

Social Enterprise, Non-profit with FCRA Certificate

Founder / CEO
Dr Ashish Satav
Amravati, Maharashtra

For 23 years, MAHAN Trust has been running a charitable trust hospital, intensive care unit, COVID-19 hospital, eye hospital and paediatric hospital in difficult to access, hilly, forested tribal areas of Melghat in central India. So far, it has treated more than 150,000 people and saved the lives of more than 3,500 seriously ill patients.

Through community-based health programmes, it has been able to significantly reduce mortality rates for children under the age of five and mothers. Through research, advocacy and PILs, the organization has impacted policies in 15 states, benefiting 500,000 tribal people. It has prevented blindness for 25,000 poor tribal people and made three tribal villages free from social drinking.

COVID-19 Response

MAHAN Trust has treated 27,000 patients, including 100 critical patients who had to be put on ventilators. It has distributed therapeutic food to 1,305 pregnant women and children for three to seven months. The non-profit has provided monthly family food kits to 500 families and 15,000 masks to villagers. It was able to reduce COVID-19 cases by implementing community-based programmes in 83 villages.

COVID-19 has changed the world completely. It has proved that humans shouldn't try to disturb nature and should accept our limitations. The pandemic has successfully tested the desire of our team to save poorest of the poor tribal people from COVID-19 by endangering their own lives. Our team has been able to positively impact 100,000 poor tribal people during this pandemic.

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