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Hemkunt Foundation

Social Enterprise, Non-profit

Founder / CEO
Irinder Singh Ahluwalia
Gurgaon, Haryana

Hemkunt Foundation is a non-governmental organization that aims to provide humanitarian aid to marginalized sections of society. The organization is based upon the Sikh principle of Sarbat Da Bhalla, which means welfare for all. The efforts of Hemkunt Foundation are in tandem with its principle, as it continues to provide livelihoods, disaster relief, access to basic human rights and education to all.

COVID-19 Response

Hemkunt Foundation stepped up overnight to save lives from the catastrophic effects of COVID-19. So far, the Foundation's 150-strong volunteer network has distributed over 50,000 ration kits and 500,000 food packets to underprivileged families.

It has also provided more than 4,000 oxygen concentrators, 5,200 oxygen cylinders, and set up 25 micro oxygen centres in 19 states impacting 200,000 people. It has also purchased 11 ambulances for COVID-19 relief work. It has been serving 500 meals every day to people from marginalized communities.

I’ve always been pushed to empower the lives of others – the thought of helping people, no matter how tough the situation, regardless of caste, colour, gender or creed are the virtues which will guide me not only today, but for the rest of my days. That said, the credit goes entirely to my team and our volunteers, who have allowed Hemkunt Foundation to do the work we do and supported us throughout. The journey of being in chardikala shall continue!

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