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Hasiru Dala

Social Enterprise, Non-profit with FCRA Certificate

Founder / CEO
Nalini Shekar
Bengaluru, Karnataka

Hasiru Dala is a social impact organization that works with over 20,000 waste picker families in Karnataka and two cities in Andhra Pradesh to ensure a life of dignity for their communities. To render visible the contributions of these communities in the area of waste management, Hasiru Dala has facilitated the creation of more than 10,000 occupational identity cards for members in 20 Urban Local Bodies.

COVID-19 Response

Hasiru Dala has supported some 62,000 households with dry rations. It has helped 700 workers continue their work during the pandemic. In collaboration with other organizations, it has led the COVID Care Isolation Centre to support 66 patients. Through its relief efforts, it was able to provide 25,500 families with access to primary healthcare. The organization has facilitated vaccinations for 800 waste pickers.

There have been lots of losses during the two lockdown periods. But the resilience of the community has been inspirational. The team's response to changes in strategies and to meet the needs of the community has been exceptional. We grew as an organization, we built strong ties within the community. We are left with the feeling that we can take on any challenges that come along the way to reaching our goal of better lives for waste pickers.

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