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Social Enterprise, Non-profit with FCRA Certificate

Founder / CEO
Anshu Gupta
New Delhi

Goonj undertakes poverty alleviation work, specifically focusing on disaster relief, humanitarian aid, and community development in India. Goonj’s engagement with both urban and rural populations has galvanized mass civic participation in addressing basic but neglected issues. Underused urban materials are used as a tool to address crucial gaps in rural infrastructure, water, environment, livelihoods, education, health, disaster relief, and rehabilitation.

COVID-19 Response

Through a network of some 550 grassroots organizations and a team of more than 1,000 people, Goonj has decentralized, localized, and customized responses to needs emerging from the ground. It has been working with local vendors, partners and volunteers to fulfill the needs of 200,000 people from communities that are missing out.

It has distributed 9,500 healthcare giver kits and 70,000 family medicine kits, and has set up 19 Caregiving Centres to address the health needs of communities for 'missed-out' communities, such as trans people, artisans, sex workers, migrants, women, and resource-deprived institutions.

On ensuring food security, it has distributed 383,900 cooked meals and over 10 million kg of rations and other essentials. It has also been supporting roadside eateries and reviving and running kitchens to ensure food security, among other things.

With more people being pushed into poverty, there is now a hierarchy in marginalization. People who were already vulnerable to COVID-19 – such as those with leprosy, HIV or disabilities, transgender people, and sex workers – have become almost invisible now. The pandemic has brought out the stark differences in the breadth and depth of vulnerability that people are facing today. We must remember that for many of these communities, there is an even greater need now for certain essentials.

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