COVID-19 Treatment and Relief

Glocal Healthcare

Social Enterprise, Enterprise with FCRA Certificate

Founder / CEO
Dr Sabahat Azim
Kolkata, West Bengal

Glocal Healthcare is a technology and process-based platform that seeks to make healthcare affordable, accessible and accountable. The social venture brings state-of-the-art healthcare to the semi-urban and rural population in India through an integrated model of comprehensive primary and secondary care hospitals, digital dispensaries and technology.

COVID-19 Response

Glocal Healthcare's hospitals have provided treatment to COVID-19 patients in acute care units. Glocal Healthcare has deployed its telemedicine platform to screen suspected COVID-19 patients. The HellolyfCX version of is Digital Dispensary was used to detect COVID-19 patients.

The organization's tech-enabled healthcare products have been integrated in 12 hospitals that have 100 beds each and in 312 digital dispensaries. It is also setting up a 200-bed digital hospital in Nagaland.

Glocal's protocol-based treatment for COVID-19 has shown remarkable results. We believe that until and unless healthcare can be productized and mass manufactured at scale, so that companies can go to market with it like any other product, the problem of access during COVID-19 will not be solved and we will also not have accountability.

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