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Every Infant Matters

Social Enterprise, Non-profit

Founder / CEO
Dr Radhika Batra
New Delhi

Every Infant Matters, a non-profit, works in India, Kenya, Nigeria and the Dominican Republic. The organization's flagship project is giving vitamin A to malnourished children to prevent permanent blindness. It has saved some 63,500 children from the terrible consequences of hunger and dewormed 54,000 children. It has also given prenatal supplements to 41,700 pregnant women. It has imparted holistic health education with a focus on promoting gender equality to 69,600 families.

COVID-19 Response

Every Infant Matters has provided 3,800 meals daily to migrants, sex workers, and manual scavengers. It has co-created a COVID Care Centre in a Manipur village and supports two others. It has so far distributed 50,000 sanitizers, several thousand personal protection equipment (PPE) kits and masks, 55 oxygen concentrators, pulse oximeters, BiPaP ventilators and more. The organization's task force has fulfilled needs (admission, ventilators, accessing ICU beds) for 22,400 COVID-19 patients.

Even though we can't cure COVID-19, and we can't eliminate it completely from the world, we can still help those worst affected and make sure that no lives are lost due to lack of resources or lack of access to health infrastructure.

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