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Social Enterprise, Non-profit with FCRA Certificate

Founder / CEO
Deval Sanghavi, Neera Nundy
Mumbai, Maharashtra

Dasra acts as a catalyst in India’s vibrant philanthropy sector by driving collaborative action to accelerate social change. It works tirelessly to build partnerships with hundreds of non-profits in India and philanthropists from around the world, with the goal of a billion people thriving with equity and dignity.

COVID-19 Response

Through its #BacktheFrontline campaign Dasra has supported and channelled resources to more than 80 NGOs in over 20 states in India, helping them accelerate their COVID-19 relief efforts, which are focused on awareness, immediate care, medical support, training and capacity building of frontline workers, mental health support, financial assistance, skilling and livelihoods. It is working on continuing support efforts to reach 150 non-profits at the frontlines.

Since the second wave of COVID-19, Dasra has supported more than 80 organizations with flexible and emergency funding to enable communities and their organizations to survive. While the focus in the last two to three months has been emergency relief and enabling organizations and communities to survive, we need to work to rebuild over the next five years. We need to actually trust these communities and community-based organizations enough to give them support, funding and networks, and we need to be a sounding board and allow them to make the decisions.

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