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Creative Dignity

Ecosystem Initiative

Founder / CEO
Neelam Chhiber, Meera Goradia, Ayush Kasliwal, Vishpala Hundekari, Smita Mankad, Pooja Ratnakar and others.
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Creative Dignity (CD) is a unique coming together of various stakeholders in the artisanal ecosystem in India. The second largest employer after agriculture, this informal economy has been badly affected by the pandemic. The network has worked to extend support to artisans by providing food and medical relief, facilitating connections with market channels, bringing visibility to the vulnerable and building the resilience of rural artisanal producers.

It is also working to position and prepare these communities to participate in the economies of the future. Creative Dignity sees COVID-19 as a challenge and an opportunity to address longstanding issues of artisanal producers. The collaborative hopes to achieve a world where artisans have agency to thrive with dignity.

COVID-19 Response

Building on the diversity of members in its network, Creative Dignity (CD) has mobilized funds for immediate relief to the most vulnerable families and enabled digital skilling for participation on digital websites for sales and to support livelihoods.

The collaborative has galvanized students, social entrepreneurs, NGOs, designers, professionals, e-commerce and industry bodies to create connections and to collaborate in a diverse and dispersed informal economy.

Creative Dignity has brought together so many diverse stakeholders of the informal artisan economy to pool their strengths to support artisans throughout the pandemic. Volunteers have worked swiftly, connecting with remote communities and organizations on the ground to provide relief and livelihoods. The network is now gearing up for long-term economic recovery and resilience by preparing artisan leaders and youths to strengthen fragmented supply chains through collaborations with multiple stakeholders.

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