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Social Enterprise, Non-profit with FCRA Certificate

Founder / CEO
Sohini Bhattacharya
New Delhi

Breakthrough transforms gender norms that make violence against women and girls unacceptable. It does so by creating social change actors, a Breakthrough generation of adolescents and young adults who will make this possible in the long term.

It uses strategies like school-based gender equity programmes, 360 degree campaigns, leadership development and community mobilization. It also builds effective partnerships at scale. Breakthrough has reached 530,000 adolescents, 3,000 young adults and the communities they come from in five states in India.

COVID-19 Response

Breakthrough has created awareness about increasing domestic violence during the lockdown and has been working with young TeamChange leaders to ensure services like dry rations, masks and sanitary kits are available to their families and communities.

It has created information, education and communication (EIC) materials aimed at reducing vaccine hesitancy. The material includes posters, WhatsApp messages, audio and video clips, and a series of three public service advertisements on myths around vaccines in rural areas. They are available to any organizations wanting to use them.

As we continue to fight the virus, we also need to ensure a safe and secure space for women and girls who are currently at the receiving end due to the pandemic. True change won't just come simply by giving girls more opportunities or building stronger infrastructure to address curative responses – we also need to change the hearts and minds of people who create the ecosystem that surrounds women and girls.

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