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Barefoot College International

Social Enterprise, Non-profit

Founder / CEO
Meagan Fallone
Harmada, Rajasthan

Barefoot College International operates programmes in 93 countries in the Global South and has five Barefoot Colleges in sub-Saharan Africa and the Pacific, in addition to its headquarters in Rajasthan, India. It is an award-winning and globally recognized hybrid social enterprise committed to co-creating solutions with a systems change approach in the areas of women’s financial empowerment, renewable energy access and regenerative agriculture practice.

The organization's values are based on Mahatma Gandhi's commitment to community-led solutions and a deep respect for human, economic and natural capital regeneration.

COVID-19 Response

Barefoot College International has delivered aid worth $400,000 (and counting) to rural healthcare through youth champion networks in some 100 villages. It has mobilized over 1,000 individuals to adopt government aid/insurance schemes. The organization also disseminated in-house COVID-19 and vaccine information in 11 languages to 2 million people through a Barefoot College-led alliance of more than 40 organizations.

The organization is also working on implementing effective models in rural teleconsultation, supporting livelihoods and providing pandemic-resilient education to children and parents.

Equality and justice cannot just be words or aspirations any longer – they must be our collective guiding principles in everything we touch, think and do. The pandemic has laid bare the need for community resilience and the power of individuals to lead adaptation and change. Driving that at scale will become our mission for the next decade.

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