Advanced Manufacturing and Production

Spotlight: NavVis


Commercial applications for virtual and augmented reality are flourishing, fundamentally altering the ways people interact with each other and their environments. While technological barriers and a lack of compelling content have prevented mainstream mass adoption, virtual reality may well become the next-generation platform for communication – displacing our need for physical travel and reducing our carbon footprint. New, immersive experiences recorded using 360-degree camera systems have created experiences akin to teleporting into new physical locations. Such an experience is made possible by NavVis VLX. This wearable mobile mapping system enables high-quality reality capture in even the most complex environments like construction sites, staircases, and technical rooms.

The NavVis reality capture technology allows individuals to seamlessly capture the data needed for floorplans, 3D models, and digital twins. In a single scan, NavVis mobile mapping systems deliver high-quality data for every type of building documentation. NavVis VLX has two multi-layer LiDAR sensors to capture 3D measurements and industry-leading SLAM software, providing high-quality point clouds and survey-grade accuracy. Additionally, for complete 360° capture, four cameras positioned on top of the device take high-resolution images in every direction and without the operator appearing in the field of view.

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