Youth Empowerment

Shaping a Generation of New Leaders

Over the past decade, the Global Shapers Community has engaged thousands of young people who have self-organized for impact, delivering projects for their local communities. Through the years of active community service, Global Shapers have developed and perfected critical skills needed for effective leadership in the 21st century. The outcome of the training courses, events, activities and partnerships available to them is monumental; a generation of young people have been inspired to lead responsibly and, in turn, have inspired leaders around the world to drive positive change.

Thank you to the Community for embracing me and for making me the person that I am today, because if it were not for the great opportunities that I received from the Global Shapers Community, I definitely would have missed out on big, key aspects of my life.
Malvika Iyer Chennai Hub

A comprehensive programme of events, activities and training courses are available to members throughout the year to build their leadership capabilities and equip them with the tools and skills to deliver impact. Global events, such as the Global Shapers Community Annual Summit and the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, provide members with the platform to build the Community and make their voices heard.

Events at a regional level, such as SHAPE events, facilitate connections between members who are inspired by one another and look for new ways to collaborate to further increase the reach of their projects. These events strengthen the capacity of members to deliver impactful Hub projects while building the skills required to self-organize and influence global affairs. Over the last 10 years, 55 Hubs have hosted SHAPE events.

55 Regional SHAPE events
  • 55

    Regional SHAPE events

  • 8

    Global Community Meetings

  • 70+

    World Economic Forum Meetings

I always knew, deep down in my heart, that I wanted to lead. The Global Shapers Community has given me so much and given me a platform to test my leadership skills.
Wanjuhi Njoroge Global Shapers Alumni and Global Shapers Community Foundation Board Member

Skills development

At the Hub level, Global Shapers develop a range of leadership skills, such as project management, conflict resolution and empathetic listening, and define their individual leadership styles. Members also describe the confidence that is gained from belonging to their Hub, learning to lead within their local communities and delivering effective solutions.

Certain roles, such as that of the Hub Curator, provide distinctive leadership experiences. Curators and Vice-Curators are elected each year to lead their peers and are responsible for recruiting new members and setting the vision for their Hub.

The infographic below shows key skills that Global Shapers have developed through their journey in the community.

Relentless change-makers Collaborative enablers Ambitious go-getters Determined realist