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Innovating and Acting Together to Deliver a Sustainable Future for All

Looking ahead

Acknowledging the breadth and complexity of global issues, the partner analysis identified six new impact areas, providing a framework to accelerate the accomplishment of the SDGs. This new framework aims to mobilize Hubs around world to:
Protect the planet
Reduce emissions, fight drought, respond to natural disasters, preserve biodiversity, converse nature, promote sustainable consumption, and more.
Reskill for the future
Provide all people with better education, skills and jobs to ensure no one is left behind in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, along with promoting new standards of work, digital literacy, online safety, and more.
Strengthen civic engagement
Empower minority leadership, mobilize citizen voting, inspire youth to run for local politics, ensure representation in decision-making and solution-building at all levels of society, and more.
Create inclusive communities
Advocate for human rights, modernize social norms and disrupt harmful stereotypes related to gender, race, sexual orientation, disability, homelessness, statelessness, and more.
Improve health and well-being
Achieve health equality, ensure access to health services, address the social determinants of health, advance youth mental health support, respond to pandemics, and more.
Deliver basic needs
Respond to local disasters, take humanitarian action, end hunger, fight extreme poverty, and more, to support the world’s most vulnerable communities.

Calls to action

Join a hub near you!

If you are between 18 and 27-years old, reach out to the hub based in your city to join the movement.

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Help us open one! Learn more about our hub development and growth strategy and send us your application.

Explore other ways of working with us

We’re always looking to partner with organizations with an interest in leadership development and our impact areas. Contact the Global Shapers team to find out more.

Learn more about the global goals and how you can take action

The Global Goals are here to enable you to make a local-to-global impact to further your work towards achieving a sustainable future for all.

Celebrating a Decade of Impact

Share it with partners and change makers! Download the report to show the meaningful contributions of the Global Shapers to advance the 17 Global Goals.

Davos Lab: Youth Recovery Plan

Download the report to explore 40 policy recommendations developed to help policymakers integrate the voices of the next generation into recovery efforts.

Partners highlight

The Global Shapers Community partners with companies, foundations and NGOs that believe in the power of collaboration and the role of young people in solution-building.

Grants and in-kind contributions provide mission-critical support for events, financial assistance, capacity-building programmes and impact projects. Here are some of our current partners:


In 2020, Accenture launched the Responsible Leadership Programme with the World Economic Forum, the Forum of Young Global Leaders and the Global Shapers Community.

The programme is rooted in five elements of responsible leadership that were co-created with Global Shapers and launched in the introductory paper entitled Seeking New Leadership: Responsible leadership for a sustainable and equitable world. It provides opportunities for Global Shapers to develop the skills, mindsets and capabilities of responsible leadership. The programme includes:

  • The Responsible Leadership Academy: an online platform providing over 3,000 courses, with a customized curriculum on responsible leadership
  • The Responsible Leadership Challenge: a five-week interactive challenge providing tangible steps to implement responsible leadership behaviours
  • The Responsible Leadership Accelerator: an incubator and coaching programme that provides a suite of resources to scale high-potential projects on topics ranging from social inclusion to climate change

The thought leadership continues with their most recent publication, Shaping the Sustainable Organization: How responsible leaders create lasting value and equitable impact for all stakeholders, which provide leaders with tangible ways to embed sustainability within their organisations that creates value for all stakeholders. Based on the early success of the Responsible Leadership Programme, the aim is to continue growing it by building a coalition of organisations interested in supporting Global Shapers on their leadership journey.

Global Shapers are not only solving the problems of today, they are also looking around the corner to prevent the problems of tomorrow.
Ellyn Shook Chief Leadership and Human Resources Officer, Accenture; Board Member, Global Shapers Community Foundation

The Climate Reality Project

Thanks to the generosity of Rosamund Zander, the Global Shapers Community and The Climate Reality Project joined forces to train Global Shapers to become climate champions.

More than 1,600 Global Shapers have benefited from the collaboration, including 700 who have participated in The Climate Reality Leadership Corps Training. Led by former US Vice-President Al Gore, the training equips Global Shapers with the skills and resources needed to drive climate action in their local communities.

In addition to this training, The Climate Reality Project provides regional workshops, grant challenges and technical support through a project incubator for scalable Hub projects.

If we are going to be the climate leaders we are trained to be, we must do it wherever we are. Keep having discussions. Keep bringing up the issues. Spread that energy and give your community the ability to rise and do what is necessary.
Rosamund Zander Psychotherapist, Author and Consultant, Rosamund Stone Zander, USA; Driving force behind the climate reality project partnership with the Global Shapers Community

Project Everyone

Project Everyone harnesses the power of communications and creative campaigning to advance the achievement of the Global Goals – the World’s To-Do List for People and Planet. They believe that partnerships and the participation of multiple sectors to advance the Goals – including youth – is crucial. For this report, Project Everyone helped to bring other partners on board to support its development and contributed their expertise in communications.

Seeing the impact the Global Shapers community has had on the achievement of the Global Goals is proof that change and progress is possible. Young people around the world have been working together for the past decade to build a better world for their communities and beyond, being true champions for the Goals. I truly think businesses, leaders and individuals can all learn an extraordinary amount from this community and join in the effort to get the World’s To-Do List – the Global Goals – done.
Gail Galle Co-Founder, Project Everyone


The generous financial support of Salesforce has made the existence of this report possible. Salesforce’s ongoing commitment to building strong partnerships for the Global Goals for Sustainable Development as well as their passion for the inclusion of young professionals in building a better and more sustainable world sparked their interest in the Global Shapers Community, their impact on the Goals over the past decade and the potential impact they can have during the decade of action.

Seeing the impact Global Shapers around the world have had on the Goals is proof that through strong partnerships and communities as well as youth involvement, progress is possible. I look forward to the learnings from the this report being used by others, especially as we work towards achieving the Global Goals during the decade of action.
Charlotte Kirby Vice President, Global Strategic Relations, Salesforce

Social Enterprise Institute

Global Shapers around the world are being trained on impact planning and measurement thanks to the support of the Social Enterprise Institute (SEI).

By having access to SEI’s world-leading Steps to Startup and Impact Practice online programmes - adding up to a total of 18 courses and many more practical tools - appointed members from every Hub deepen their knowledge on project planning, fundraising, impact indicators, data collection and more.

Not only do Shapers learn new skills helping them grow as leaders, they are also better equipped to strengthen current and future hub projects to bring about meaningful and lasting change for their communities.

The Global Shapers community continues to be a hugely influential force for good in almost every part of the world. The Social Enterprise Institute is proud to provide learning content and experiences to power these next gen leaders as they continue to drive dialogue, action and change through their Hub projects.
Jonathan Coburn Director, Social Enterprise Institute