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Global Indicators of Impact

  • 11,493,033

    people reached or mobilised

  • 1,953,857

    people directly benefited

  • 45,762

    working days volunteered

  • 37

    policies changed

  • 17

    Global Goals advanced

Over the last 10 years, Global Shapers self-organized to deliver thousands of grassroots projects from skills development to reforestation to policy change initiatives, improving the lives of those who often are beyond the reach of local governments and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Through these projects, the Global Shapers Community has made, and continues to accelerate, progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Global Shapers change systems and cultures, seeking to redress inequalities and raise the agenda of important issues.

With the largest youth population in history, there is an unprecedented opportunity for young people to take an active role in shaping the future. This generation has inherited enormous global challenges, but has the ability to confront the status quo and offer youth-led solutions for change.
Wadia Ait Hamza Head of the Global Shapers Community

SDG Contributions

The Global Shapers Community has made, and continues to accelerate, progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the Global Goals.

While it is not possible to do justice to the breadth, depth and variety of issues that Global Shapers tackle every day, the below boxes feature one project for each of the 17 SDGs to highlight some of the incredible stories of the Global Shapers Community.

Global Initiatives

Collaborations between Hubs take place when three or more Hubs come together to address an issue that affects stakeholders in multiple communities. These collaborations raise awareness of the complexity of the issue and how it concerns people all over the world.

Cross-Hub collaborations also strengthen regional and national connections between Hubs while mobilizing Global Shapers to come together and create a shared, sustainable solution.

Some global initiatives include:

United Against Ebola

The African Global Shapers launched United Against Ebola, a campaign to promote awareness, best practices and information support in communities in Africa, to tackle the Ebola virus.

By the end of June 2015, 78 Hubs in Africa had signed up for the initiative. Activities included translating expert advice into local languages and contacting citizens who were hard to reach.

Shaping Davos

#ShapingDavos was a global campaign that brought the world to Davos and Davos to the world through a series of live events hosted by the Global Shapers present at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2015.

Using two-way livestreaming on social media, Shaping Davos connected cities from around the world to drive live conversations with world leaders and ignite local projects. The campaign was unique in its kind, with 6,581,576 people reached and a total of 19,456,024 digital impressions.

Internet For All

#Internet4all was a regional cross-Hub collaboration led by over 90 Hubs in Africa based on the belief that everyone should have access to the internet.

It aimed to raise awareness of the fact that less than 21% of Africans can access the internet, and to advocate for universal internet access as one of the most effective routes to delivering economic and social progress for African communities.

Shapers for Mental Health
2018 — present

This cross-Hub collaboration’s main objective is to provide mental health support while changing attitudes and reducing the stigma of mental health. The project developed a Basic Psychological First Aid Course, in which Hub members gain the tools and skills to provide effective support and empathetic listening to those in need.

To date, over 300 Global Shapers have completed the course, which is being translating into local languages to distribute it to citizens.

Voice for the Planet
2019 — present

This global campaign, launched in partnership with WWF at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2019, seeks to raise awareness of the individual actions citizens worldwide can take to mitigate climate change, and make a formal plea to world leaders to prioritize the protection of our planet.

To date, this growing movement has mobilized 573,843 people to pledge a new deal for nature and people.

Response to COVID-19
2020 — present

The objective of this ongoing cross-Hub collaboration is to build the knowledge of Community members on COVID-19, amplify trusted information and debunk myths in communities around the world, and increase collective action to support public health systems, protect livelihoods and help build more inclusive community responses through Hub projects and global initiatives.

Image by: NEXU Science Communication

Davos Lab: Youth Recovery Plan
2020 — present

This global mobilization initiative was created to understand the consequences of the global pandemic and to propose a recovery plan to build back better.

Global Shapers around the world have held approximately 300 dialogues in over 150 countries, mobilizing over 2 million citizens to discuss what changes are necessary to rebalance current economic, social and environmental systems and build a more sustainable, inclusive and resilient future.

The plan consists of 40 policy recommendations split across 10 pillars that can be read in detail in the Davos Lab: Youth Recovery Plan report.