Special Features

Special Features

Special Feature: Clouds Over Sidra

With the emphasis in Davos on addressing the migrant crisis, there will be special presentations of Clouds Over Sidra, a virtual reality film about the daily life of Sidra, a young Syrian girl living in a refugee camp in Jordan. Clouds Over Sidra was commissioned by the United Nations and created by Gabo Arora and Chris Milk.

Special Feature: Touch Our Future

Touch Our Future is a web and mobile interactive art installation by Drue Kataoka in collaboration with Jane Chen of Embrace Innovations. Leveraging mobile technology, digital image processing, 3D graphics and Japanese ink, this artwork is an unusual visual storytelling tool, sharing the stories and messages of thousands of women and men who support the ght against infant mortality. All are unified by the desire to eliminate the tragedy of a mother losing her child, anywhere in the world. Anybody can join this artwork.

Special Feature: Unexplored Treasure

A large-scale ice sculpture representation of the historic Göbeklitepe archaeological site in Turkey acts as both a celebration of shared culture and a reminder for the need for careful stewardship of heritage. Dating back about 12,000 years, the historic site is a largely unexplored archaeological treasure from the dawn of humanity and has transformed our understanding of how human society first developed.

Produced by the Şahenk Initiative, which plays a crucial role as the sole supporter in partnership with Turkey’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism in conserving the site.