Yao Chen

Yao Chen



For Her Leadership in Raising Awareness of the Refugee Crisis

I try my best to do what I can. The scariest thing in the world, I believe, is feeling that one is no longer needed by others. When you do a good thing, in a sense you also do yourself a favour, because you can see that you are needed by others. Helping others also fulfils the needs of the helper. We can only survive by needing and depending on each other. I reckon this is true for everybody in the world.

Yao Chen is a beloved Chinese actress who has appeared in countless TV series and films. She and the characters that she shaped are welcomed and lauded by audiences. A strong sense of humanitarian care, an unconventional approach and continuous pursuit of higher ethics are the reasons why Yao Chen has been welcomed and embraced in China and around the world.

As UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador, Yao Chen has visited refugees in the Philippines, Thailand, Ethiopia, Lebanon, and Pakistan. Over the five years Yao Chen has worked with the UNHCR, the amount of donations received from China has grown exponentially.

Yao Chen is also known as the “Queen of Weibo” in China, where she has 78 million followers. She writes each Weibo post with the goal of spreading positive energy in a humorous way. She makes acute observations on issues ranging from environmental pollution to food safety and from refugee conditions to social reality, displaying a unique sensitivity.