Special Focus on Cultural Heritage

Special Focus on Cultural Heritage

A series of discussions with a multistakeholder group of leaders on how to protect cultural heritage at a time of catastrophic destruction.

With the collaboration of speakers from the Şahenk Initiative, Doğuş Group, National Geographic, the Smithsonian Institution, UNESCO, the Victoria & Albert Museum and more. Sessions include:

Protecting Cultural Heritage (lunch session)
What kinds of partnerships are necessary for the protection of world heritage at a time of catastrophic destruction? On the agenda: war and iconoclasm, looting and financing of terrorism and unsustainable heritage tourism. Co-hosted with Doğuş Group.

Incredible Archaeological Discoveries (BetaZone session)
Explore what recent archaeological discoveries – such as the Göbeklitepe site in south-east Turkey – can teach us about the rise and fall of civilizations. Co-hosted with Doğuş Group.

The Digital Masterpiece (BetaZone session)
Explore breakthrough technologies that are changing our personal relationship to art and heritage with mathematician Martin Vetterli and media artist Sarah Kenderdine.