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Annual Meeting 2019

Globalization 4.0: Shaping a Global Architecture in the Age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

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Public Engagement: Coverage, Reach and Engagement. Monitored period 1–31 January 2019

01Executive Summary

“This fourth wave of globalization needs to be human-centered, inclusive and sustainable.” - Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum

Please find below an overview of the global media and social media coverage of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2019.

Key impacts from the Annual Meeting include:

  • Voice for Our Planet initiative received more than 21,000 individual pledges within 48 hours
  • Japan committed its G20 Chairmanship to launch an agenda for global data governance
  • More than $200 million was pledged to improving understanding of anxiety and depression
  • Discover more impacts

This webpage will show you the impacts, highlights and key outcomes of the meeting in detail, with a focus on public engagement, including media coverage, content from the World Economic Forum’s social media channels, reports, webcast sessions and press conferences.

02Globalization 4.0 Theme

Globalization 4.0 is the stage of globalization that takes place under the rapid technology changes brought by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This year’s Annual Meeting focused on Shaping a Global Architecture during this new era of globalization by looking at global, regional and industry agendas and focusing them on shaping the future in a constructive, collaborative way.

03Featured Coverage

More than 700 journalists from more than 40 countries reported on-site for the Annual Meeting. Find a selection of their top coverage below:

Coverage in Various Languages


Fourth Industrial Revolution

Environment & Nature

04Coverage Overview

The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2019 received more than 177,000 media mentions around the world.

  • The theme of the meeting – Globalization 4.0 – resonated with our audience and received more than 8,800 online news mentions.
  • The country with the most mentions was the United States, with 23% of the overall coverage.
  • The most-talked-about public figure was Jair Bolsonaro, with more than 27,000 news mentions accounting for 15% of the overall coverage.

Audience Breakdown

Unique visitors to during the Annual Meeting 2019 by age and gender. Forty-five percent of visitors were under the age of 35.

Social Media Reach

The global media coverage from the Annual Meeting 2019 spread on social media platforms, as readers shared and engaged with the content on platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. More than 177,000 media stories were shared more than 1 million times. This year we also collaborated with iQiyi to expand our live audience, which resulted in 26 million views from China in addition to 1.8 million Instagram views and 2.6 million minutes watched on YouTube.

Highlights from the Forum’s own digital media channels


Number of minutes of Facebook video watched


Number of people who came to our website


Number of times our session content was watched


Number of times our LinkedIn video content was viewed

Editorial Marketing Value and Aggregate Readership

All mentions across media reached

270 million

potential readers of the subject of World Economic Forum Annual Meeting

It would cost the Forum

$507 million

in advertising and marketing to reach the same potential readership

05Davos Conversations

The 2019 Annual Meeting brought people together from around the world to discuss how we can address some of the world’s most pressing problems. Below are examples of some of the discussions that stood out.”

06Real World Impact

Each year at the Annual Meeting our participants from many different communities collaborate and partner on many important initiatives. These meetings produce outcomes and actions that are continued throughout the year. A selection of our 2019 impacts are highlighted below and in our closing press release.

Explore the 33 impacts


More than 3,000 people across multiple stakeholder groups participated in the 2019 Annual Meeting. These participants represent cultural, private-sector and public-sector leaders from more than 110 countries.

Participants in the media

Satya Nadella 1,730 mentions
Mohammed Hassan Mohamud 637 mentions
Akira Sakano 262 mentions
Noura Berrouba 217 mentions
Julia Luscombe 79 mentions
Juan David Aristizabal 70 mentions
Basima Abdulrahman 69 mentions
Cultural Leaders
David Attenborough 4,390 mentions
Greta Thunberg 3,223 mentions
Bono 2,306 mentions
Skye Meaker 338 mentions
Karan Johar 221 mentions
Haifaa Al Mansour 198 mentions
Marin Alsop 198 mentions
Public Figures
Jair Bolsonaro 27,213 mentions
Angela Merkel 10,817 mentions
Mike Pompeo 10,437 mentions
Sebastian Kurz 5,620 mentions
Shinzo Abe 5,097 mentions
Jacinda Ardern 2,180 mentions
Giuseppe Conte 1,623 mentions

International Organizations and Civil Society

IMF International Monetary Fund 13,600 mentions
UN United Nations 10,900 mentions
Oxfam Oxfam International 5,700 mentions
WTO World Trade Organization 4,000 mentions
WB World Bank 2,500 mentions
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization 2,100 mentions
UNHCR The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees 800 mentions
WWF World Wide Fund 760 mentions
WHO World Health Organization 670 mentions
ICRC International Committee of the Red Cross 600 mentions

08Televised Sessions, Press Conferences and Reports

The World Economic Forum and the world's leading news organizations co-designed more than 30 televised panel sessions. This year’s Annual Meeting featured sessions from Al Arabiya, CCTV, CNBC, CNN, DW, Fox Business, France 24, The New York Times, NHK, Reuters, TIME Magazine and The Washington Post, among others.

Explore the sessions, press conferences and reports in the dropdown menu

09Open Forum Highlights

The Open Forum aims to encourage dialogue and spread awareness of issues critical to the global economy. It provides a platform on which ideas, thoughts and questions can be expressed and tackled in an open environment. The Open Forum Davos 2019 series provided an opportunity for the local Swiss community and public to join the conversation and engage with leading experts and decision-makers on some of today’s most pressing issues. This year 3,000 people joined the Open Forum in Davos. Sessions varied from tackling environmental questions to bridging science and society to addressing violence against women to deciding the future of Europe to fighting loneliness to a one-on-one session with Jane Goodall. The Open Forum team also collaborated with students from the local school in Davos, who co-designed the session: “Plastic Pollution: An End in Sight?

“We cannot solve the most pressing global challenges without unique partnerships between government, business and civil society.”
Børge Brende, President of the World Economic Forum

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