World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2018

World Economic Forum

Annual Meeting 2018

Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World

1 Introduction

Here is an overview of the global stories and social media coverage of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2018. Over 3,000 leaders from over 100 countries and several hundred journalists participated at the meeting which took place in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland from 23 to 26 January 2018.

Under the theme Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World, the meeting focused on finding ways to reaffirm international cooperation on crucial shared interests. The Annual Meeting remains a global platform unmatched in engaging leaders from business, government, international organizations, arts and culture, academia and civil society.

What follows shows the impacts, highlights and key outcomes of the meeting, with a focus on public engagement, media coverage, reports, webcast sessions, press conferences and content from the World Economic Forum’s social media channels.

2 Overall Coverage - 217,000 online news mentions

In January, 217,000 articles mentioned the Annual Meeting, an increase of 46% from last year’s 148,000 articles. People from across the world engaged with us across social media channels in unprecedented numbers. World leaders at the Meeting answered questions from the public through our #SharedFutures campaign and our global audience watched more than 33 million minutes of sessions streamed in six languages.

Key points:

  • Media in 123 countries reported on the Annual Meeting in 19 languages.
  • The theme of the meeting – Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World – resonated with our audience and received over 14,600 online news mentions
  • The topics that were most discussed by number of news mentions included "America First" (32,174), climate change or extreme weather (11,286), fake news (11,046), globalization (10,847), artificial intelligence (7,991), blockchain or bitcoin (6,952), gender (5,618), humanitarian relief or refugees or slavery (3,338), sexual harassment (4,131) and international cooperation (3,270).
  • The Co-Chairs of the Annual Meeting received 14,000 online news mentions.
  • The record number of public figures at the Annual Meeting was frequently mentioned by media. US President Trump, French President Macron, German Chancellor Merkel, UK Prime Minister May, Indian Prime Minister Modi, and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau were the most talked about public figures.

Online News Mentions

Reporters from over 120 countries covered the Annual Meeting. This chart breaks down the ten countries talking the most about Davos.



Highlights from the Forum’s own digital media channels

1 million

number of people that came to our website

15 million

number of times our session content was watched

170 million

number of times our content on Facebook was seen

Editorial marketing value

It would cost

$0 billion

in advertising and marketing to reach the same potential readership


Over 500 journalists from 40 countries reported onsite from the Annual Meeting. Here are some of their top stories.


4Davos Conversations

The Annual Meeting brought people from all walks of life together to discuss how we can create a shared future in a fractured world. Below are some of the discussions that stood out in the Congress Center, on our Agenda blog and across our social media channels.

  • Driving sustained economic progress
  • Navigating a multipolar and multiconceptual world
  • Overcoming divisions in society
  • Shaping the agile governance of technology

5Real World Impact

What actually happens at the Annual Meeting? Each year dozens of different communities gather for working meetings. Our closing press release highlights a selection of outcomes of the Annual Meeting 2018.


Over 3,000 people from 110 countries took part in the Annual Meeting 2018. Many of them were mentioned in the global press. Below is an overview of those public figures, cultural leaders and Co-Chairs of the meeting and their news mentions.

Participants in the media

Christine Lagarde 6,804 mentions
Erna Solberg 2,419 mentions
Ginni Rometty 1,587 mentions
Chetna Sinha 1,170 mentions
Sharan Burrow 1,052 mentions
Fabiola Gianotti 693 mentions
Isabelle Kocher 677 mentions
Cultural Leaders
Elton John 3,762 mentions
Cate Blanchett 3,455 mentions
Shah Rukh Khan 2,320 mentions
Karan Johar 195 mentions
Will.I.Am 194 mentions
Mike Stilkey 99 mentions
Yo-Yo Ma 88 mentions
Public Figures
Donald Trump 45,303 mentions
Emmanuel Macron 22,870 mentions
Angela Merkel 17,600 mentions
Narendra Modi 16,600 mentions
Justin Trudeau 16,100 mentions
Benjamin Netanyahu 10,800 mentions
Theresa May 7,624 mentions

Companies in the media

The world’s top businesses take part in the Annual Meeting to work on over 50 projects with the World Economic Forum that continue throughout the year. Below are the ten businesses mentioned the most during the Annual Meeting.

7Televised Sessions, Press Conferences and Reports

Over 30 televised panel sessions were co-designed by the World Economic Forum and the world's leading news organizations. This year includes sessions from the BBC, CCTV, CNBC, CNN, Fox, NHK, New York Times, Quartz, Univision, Washington Post and Wired among others.

8Open Forum Highlights

The Open Forum aims to encourage dialogue and spread awareness of issues critical to the global economy. It provides a platform on which ideas, thoughts and questions can be expressed and tackled in an open environment.

The Open Forum Davos 2018 series provided an opportunity for the local Swiss community and public to join the conversation and engage with leading experts and decision-makers on some of today’s most pressing issues.

This year 3,000 people joined the Open Forum in Davos. Sessions varied from climate change and sustainable food to Europe, digital misinformation, inclusivity, happiness and one-on-session with Malala Yousafzai. The Open Forum team also collaborated with students from the local school in Davos, who co-designed the Session: “Suffering in Silence: Tackling Depression.”

Click on the boxes to watch some of the sessions.

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