100 Corporate-Ready Social Enterprises

Welcome to the list of 100 Corporate-Ready Social Enterprises! You can find below 100 diverse examples of social enterprises doing business with corporations across industries and geographies.

This list is the result of research shared in a new report - Corporate-Ready: How Corporations and Social Enterprises Do Business Together to Drive Impact, led by Acumen and supported by IKEA Social Entrepreneurship, and developed in collaboration with members of the World Economic Forum’s COVID Response Alliance for Social Entrepreneurs. Our shared ambition is to support increased access to corporate value chains for social enterprises, and to learn what it means for social enterprises to be ‘corporate-ready’.

The social enterprises listed here are a subset of the many incredible organizations that were nominated and that responded to Acumen’s corporate-readiness survey. The list offers a glimpse into the transformational impact and value that is created when social enterprises and corporations do business together.

In addition, a companion report, “The Social Procurement Manual“ published by Yunus Social Business (YSB), provides case studies and practical tools for companies that want to start ‘buying social’.

Learn about the enterprises or our work to inspire corporations to #BuySocial

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