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Learning Journeys

YGLs have an entrepreneurial approach to creating change. Their instinct isn’t to wait for decisions from formal authority, but to reach out to their networks, start movements and build coalitions. Here are some of the ways we help expose YGLs to new ideas and networks:

  • Jordan

    Friends of the Earth Middle East organized a learning journey alongside the 2011 Dead Sea Summit in Jordan to the Sharhabil Bin Hassneh EcoPark. YGLs were able to learn about environmental issues, conservation and sustainability in this unique natural reserve. YGLs also visited Bakoura, the site of a proposed Israeli-Jordanian peace park project.

  • Tanzania

    As part of the 2010 YGL Annual Summit, YGLs embarked on 20 different Impact Journeys engaging with local NGOs, businesses, social entrepreneurs, and government agencies. These interactions were setup to promote mutual learning and to share knowledge and expertise between YGLs and the local organizations. In many cases YGLs committed to specific follow-up items and to staying involved with these organizations. More than any other interaction at a YGL Annual Summit, these Impact Journeys provided participants with the chance to understand Tanzania's challenges and solutions and work together with local organizations to leverage YGLs resources and ideas to make a positive contribution.

  • Silicon Valley

    There are few places that show the value created by the nexus of venture capital, education and a risk-taking culture more than Silicon Valley. In 2011 and 2012, YGLs from across the globe met and learnt from some of the most successful Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, investors and thought leaders in a comprehensive two-day program designed by and for YGLs. The YGL Silicon Valley Summits provided YGLs the opportunity to have up-close look at the most powerful companies in Silicon Valley, have conversations with leaders who fund them, and engage with the entrepreneurs behind exciting new start-ups. The Summit program included design and innovation workshops, 1-on-1 mentorships, tours at companies such as Google and Facebook, and thought provoking panels.

  • Moscow

    In October 2013, 60 YGLs attended the YGL Russia Discovery Trip, a Russian cultural “marathon”. Organized in concert with the Forum's Moscow Meeting, it brought together YGLs from 24 different countries for a rich view into modern day Russia. Thanks to a balanced programme integrating Moscow's top cultural, business, media, and government leaders, YGLs arrived en masse for the Forum’s discussions on the Scenarios for the Russian Federation with an enhanced understanding of Russia and its current challenges.

  • London

    This event in December 2011 entitled Britain: a 21st Century Partner for Global Growth," addressed the question of how the UK can evolve as a globally connected hub in a new era of global trade and commerce. A unique global event and audience connecting government, business and the ‘next generation’ of leaders to share and listen to perspectives and expectations of the UK as global hubs for trade and commerce in a new era economy and prepare for Davos 2012.

  • Greenland

    In June 2014, a team of 20 adventurous Young Global Leaders ventured to Copenhagen, Denmark and Ilulissat, Greenland to explore Climate Change. The four day programme started in Copenhagen with presentations and a panel discussion on the future of climate mitigation, moderated by the Minister of Foreign Affair of Denmark, followed by a Nordic dinner and tour aboard a Danish fishing boat. The Greenland segment brilliantly brought together sessions on climate change and its impact, and discussions on practical steps that YGLs can take to move towards a solution. The trip was capped by exciting helicopter rides over the Jacobshavn Glacier, peaceful communes with nature along the Ice Fjord, and a stunning boat ride navigating through the icebergs in Disko Bay.

  • Amazon

    From 16-22 October 2014, a group of YGLs and their families embarked on a journey to explore the concept of resilience, deep in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon. Through forest walks, tree-climbing, kayaking adventure, vistas from canopy towers and conversations with scientists and tribal leaders, the group discovered the thriving relationships within the rain forest, as well as the unique adaptations that have allowed ecosystem to persist for 55 million years. During hands-on workshops, dialogue and prototyping session they applied their new found understanding to their own lives, sharing personal stories and developing individual commitments that will enable them to be more personally resilient.

  • Bahrain

    “Emerging Arabia” was an exciting YGL-led event that took place from 5 to 7 April 2014 in Manama, Bahrain. The event included discussions on the developing geo-political and economic panorama of the Middle East, an exclusive free access to the Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix race, and also a rare chance to interact with Formula 1 race team managers to understand the “1 minute strategy” in the pit.

  • Mongolia

    From 12 - 14 September 2014, 35 YGLs participated in the second edition of the Mongolia Learning Journey experience. The trip provided YGLs with insights into the opportunities and challenges facing the country as well as an immersive experience into Mongolia's unique nomadic history and culture.

  • Japan

    From 12-15 September 2014, 20 YGLs joined a Cultural Retreat in Japan, Kyoto & Nara. The exclusive experience organized by local YGLs included, among others, visiting the Todaiji Temple, experiencing Meditation at Honen-in, and listening to Nara film festival’s Executive director Naomi Kawase.

  1. Jordan
  2. Tanzania
  3. Silicon Valley
  4. Moscow
  5. London
  6. Greenland
  7. Amazon
  8. Bahrain
  9. Mongolia
  10. Japan


  • Sharing Economy

    The YGL Sharing Economy working group focuses on "access over ownership" and the reinvention of traditional market behaviours -- such as renting, lending and swapping -- through technology. They wrote a successful position paper explaining the Sharing Economy and its potential, and the paper was launched at the YGL Annual summit in Myanmar in 2013.

    full report
  • Complex systems

    This report was a community-wide effort which aimed to dissect and understand the complexity of the current global context. The report and the broader initiative were launched with the intent of better understanding systematic complexity and intervening in logical informed ways. Various case studies highlight examples of the community tackling systemic issues such as poverty, homelessness and hunger.

    full report
  • Accelerating Arab Entrepreneurship

    The launch of the Accelerating Entrepreneurship in the Arab World report, produced by The Forum of Young Global Leaders and Booz & Company highlights 10 recommendations to promote a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem across the region. Policy-makers, business leaders, academia and civil society leaders are all aiming to match the enthusiasm felt around the region with a clear plan for job creation. With this collaboration, which leverages Booz & Company’s expertise in the region, interviews with 20 YGLs from around the globe and several case studies featuring Young Global Leaders and other entrepreneurial successes, we are offering a tangible set of recommendations for leaders in the region to follow

    full report
  1. Sharing Economy
  2. Complex systems
  3. Accelerating Arab Entrepreneurship

Educational modules

Harvard Kennedy School: Global Leadership and Public Policy

In collaboration with the Harvard Kennedy School, a unique curriculum has been created for the Young Global Leaders aimed at presenting insight into global leadership and public policy. The programme comprises two main segments. First, key knowledge areas are covered which include topics such as energy and environmental policy, development, health, sustainability, economics and trade, and security. Second, the programme features an emphasis on leadership skills and tools – from multiparty negotiations to strategy to decision-making – relevant to all geographies, sector and issues, enabling participants to become stronger, more informed leader who are able to better understand the current context and take steps toward impacting the future.

In addition, the programme includes a focus on personal reflection and individual leadership journeys by means of Bill George’s True North Leadership Development Group programme.

Yale University: Foundations for Leadership

In collaboration with Yale University’s Jackson Institute for Global affairs and under the banner, “Leadership and Decision Making in the 21st Century”, the module engages Young Global Leaders in discussion and understanding of the most pressing global issues. Session topics, led by recognized professors, administrators and global practitioners, include conversations on human rights, ethics, climate change, negotiation, globalization, economics and several other fields.

Young Global Leaders provide their own insight into topical areas through pre-programme courses taught by YGLs to Yale undergraduate and graduate students. In addition to classroom discussions, community members engage with members of the university’s Yale World Fellows programme.

Lee Kuan Yew School: Insights into Asian Politics and Policy

"The Lee Kuan Yew School education module aims to provide YGLs with a nuanced understanding of how various actors in the region drive and respond to change. The course offers an unparalleled opportunity to engage with politicians, dignitaries and experts from the region on the key policy, politics and paradigms effecting the region.

Past sessions have included discussions of “ASEAN in the new Asia”, the “Dynamics of Leadership and Women in Asia” and the “Singapore Story: Heritage in a Hyper-Modern City”, among others."

The community is made up of leaders from all walks of life, from every region of the world and every stakeholder group in society. Set up as an independent, not-for-profit foundation under the Swiss government, the Forum of Young Global Leaders is an integral part of the World Economic Forum and part of the larger New Champions community.

Oxford University: Transformational Leadership

The YGL Oxford module challenges today’s leadership for our increasingly complex environment, and inspires debate, pushes thinking beyond boundaries and helps shape the future. An invigorating and intensive experience over five days in Oxford, this programme aims to bring participants a transformational perspective on leadership, to equip and inspire you to move beyond the edge in your own leadership journey. The curriculum draws together humanities, sciences and thought leadership across the Business School and University to immerse YGLs within five days of intensive development and self-discovery.

Wits University / University of Witwatersrand

The YGL Wits University Education Module focuses on entrepreneurship and the future of innovation in Africa and the creation of socially-immersed businesses. The programme aims to offer participants an intense, immersive personal development with regard to African societal and leadership opportunities and their relationship with regard to opportunities around the world. In addition to classroom sessions on topics covering topics such as business in Africa, conflict management and complexity, participants will spend time in both historical and emerging business locations in Johannesburg. Speakers will include thought leaders in South African and African Business and Policy.

INCAE Business School

The YGL INCAE Business School Education Module will provide participants with an immersion into economic and political challenges and opportunities in Latin America. As well, it will provide insights into sustainable business models and authentic leadership through historical and in-person case studies. Speakers will include a mix of INCAE faculty and business and political leaders from throughout the region.

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