Cities, Infrastructure and Urban Services


Non-intrusive technology giving construction professionals hard data for easier decision-making
Los Altos, USA
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
Meirav Oren
Year founded

We are not in the business of incremental change. Our non-intrusive CraneView technology is creating a construction revolution by giving our clients real-time visibility they have never had before. And that's helping make jobsites more productive, efficient and safe.

Through experiences in the industry, Versatile has realized that there is a need for a smarter way to manage jobsites. So it created one. CraneView's under the hook device and platform makes jobsite challenges and opportunities visible. Its vision is to connect all fragmented pieces of the construction process to a single source of productivity and precision. Versatile transforms construction professionals into superheroes and construction into a truly controllable manufacturing process.

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