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Data-led, internet of things based, farm-to-consumer dairy supply chain digitization
Bengaluru, India
Chief Executive Officer
Ranjith Mukundan
Year founded

We help unlock unprecedented value across the dairy supply chain via end-to-end digitization of the largest ‘crop’ on the planet. Our modular farm-to-consumer internet of things platform helps unleash this value for all the stakeholders in the dairy system.

Stellapps is a farm-to-consumer dairy digitization service provider, improving farm productivity and milk quality and bringing supply chain traceability to the industry. It leverages advanced analytics and artificial intelligence through its full-stack internet of things platform to enable dairy system partnerships (financial and insurance institutions, veterinary services, etc.) to drive significant value for each stakeholder, including smallholder farmers. Stellapps digitizes 8 million litres of milk daily and impacts 2 million dairy farmers in 28,000 Indian villages.

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