Health and Healthcare

Sherlock Biosciences

Making molecular diagnostics better, faster and more affordable
Cambridge, USA
Chief Executive Officer, President and Director
Rahul Dhanda
Year founded

Sherlock Biosciences aims to disrupt diagnostics with technologies that can diagnose virtually any disease rapidly, accurately, inexpensively and without complex lab instruments, enabling users to make more effective decisions in clinical, industrial and low-resource settings, including at home.

Sherlock Biosciences is dedicated to making molecular diagnostics better, faster and more affordable. The company is developing applications of SHERLOCK, a CRISPR-based method to detect and quantify specific genetic sequences, and INSPECTR, a synthetic biology-based molecular diagnostics platform that is instrument free. SHERLOCK and INSPECTR can be used in virtually any setting, without complex instrumentation, opening up a wide range of potential applications.

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