New Economy and Society


Fuelling prosperity through artificial intelligence-powered people and opportunity matching
London, United Kingdom
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Sanjay Varma
Year founded

Kalido unleashes the potential of individuals, organizations and communities by making opportunities transparent in a safe and trusted way. Kalido’s ultimate goal is to democratize opportunity for everyone, everywhere.

Kalido is an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered, privacy-first, real-time opportunity platform for individuals, enterprises and communities that supercharges worker well-being, business productivity and innovation. Proprietary AI enables users to develop dynamic, intent-driven, 360-degree personas, triggering personalized opportunity matches across networks. This enables enterprises to reconfigure work and step up productivity while improving employee well-being, laying the foundations of a more sustainable, trust-based economy. A network of networks, Kalido connects pools of skills and opportunities to enhance economic outcomes for all users.

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