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Pairing education and tech for classes reaching millions of students
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Chief Executive Officer
Marco Fisbhen
Year founded

It's a cliché that education is the key to a better future. The real revolution is simple yet challenging: distribution. At Descomplica, innovation and technology enable us to reach more people, so that real learning is accessible to all.

Descomplica is a full-service EdTech platform moving Brazil's education system online. As one of the country's leading virtual classrooms, Descomplica's video-based learning system offers more than 70,000 videos and live courses, ranging from those that help high school students in day-to-day activities through to 100% digital post-grad courses. Students spend an average of one hour per session, at least three times per week, and are able to improve their scores by up to 45% in national standardized exams.

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