Technology Pioneers 2019

The Technology Pioneers of 2019 bring together 56 early to growth-stage companies from around the world that are pioneering new technologies and innovations ranging from the use of artificial intelligence to fight human trafficking, driverless trucks, quantum computing systems, compostable packaging, and blockchain solutions to tackle disinformation.

By joining this community, Technology Pioneers begin a two-year journey where they are part of the World Economic Forum’s initiatives, activities and events, bringing cutting-edge insights and fresh thinking to critical global discussions.

Cyber Security & Digital Identity


Revolutionizing how people digitally identify themselves

There are many identification issues associated with the digital economy and it's not fair to put the burden on the consumer. Our digital world operates based on knowing that someone is who they say they are, which is exactly what Callsign helps achieve. Callsign helps consumers have a more autonomous digital life in the most seamless way possible – checked, verified, safe – because we enhance, rather than block, user experience.

Callsign changes the game when it comes to proving and authenticating identity by combining a premium and customized user experience with best in class security, and reducing operational costs. By using all the thousands of data points available, such as typing or swiping techniques, location, online habits, face recognition, devices and even passwords, it can determine if someone is who they say they are in a friction-free way. As a result, users can get on with their digital lives.