Annual Report
2014 – 2015

The Global Shapers Community is a network of Hubs developed and led by young people who are exceptional in their potential, their achievements and their drive to make a contribution to their communities.

Global Shapers have diverse backgrounds. They are organized in teams united by a common desire to build a more peaceful and inclusive world through their contributions to their local communities.


Engaging young people and emerging leaders has always been an important part of World Economic Forum activities. Throughout these activities I have always remained convinced that the integration of youth is essential. And for quite some time, I contemplated how the experiences and the insights can be shared more widely to the benefit of all stakeholders and of society.

In 2011, with over 50% of the world’s population under the age of 27, the Forum took an important step and established the Global Shapers Community as a dedicated foundation to focus on ensuring that young leaders play an active role in shaping the agenda, globally, regionally and locally.

From the start, the destiny of the Community was placed firmly in the hands of young leaders across the world who share its mission. Structured as a network of self-organising city-based Hubs, the Community brings together young leaders in their twenties united by a commitment to contribute to resolving challenges within their communities. This sense of purpose is combined with a passion for action and a philosophy of collaboration and the results continue to inspire.

As at the end of June 2015 and after 4 years of operation the Community now numbers 452 Hubs and over 5,000 Global Shapers in 169 countries and territories of the world. With over 300 Hubs undertaking projects in their communities. Recently, I was moved while listening to Global Shapers who are acting to support communities ravaged by natural and man-made disasters across the world. One inspiring example is the Kathmandu Hub where Global Shapers have worked in collaboration with others to bring relief to thousands of families and to help get children back to school in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake earlier this year.

It is heartening to see that the world is embracing the Community as Global Shapers are actively integrated in meaningful ways at global, regional and national levels where the agenda is shaped. Stakeholders from business, government and civil society increasingly share their appreciation of the opportunity to collaborate with the Global Shapers Community.

On this note, I would like to thank the many collaborators who make this continued success possible. Internally, the year ahead marks a transition as David Aikman who has represented the Forum in an oversight capacity of the Global Shapers Community moves to take on new important challenges as the Chief Representative Officer of the Forum’s activities in China and Adrian Monck, who is also Head of Public Engagement of the Forum, takes on the responsibilities to oversee the Forum’s Foundations, including the Global Shapers Community. Yemi Babington-Ashaye continues to lead as Head of the Global Shapers Community.

Finally, this year the Global Shapers Community releases its first annual report. And as you review the content of the report I hope that you will agree with me that what we are doing here is not only important, it is very compulsory.

Klaus Schwab
Chairman of the Board, Global Shapers Community
Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum

We would like to thank the World Economic Forum for its invaluable support.

We would also like to thank our Global Community Partners.

Please see more information below on all our partners.

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Global Footprint
  3. Community in Action - Global Activities
  4. Community in Action - Local Activities
  5. Milestones and Highlights
  6. Financial Statements
  7. Strategic Outlook
  8. Our people
  9. Photo Gallery
  10. Our partners
  11. Testimonials


This report covers the activities of the Global Shapers Community (GSC) from July 2014 to June 2015. It marks the fourth year of activity for the Global Shapers Community and our first Annual Report.

The focus of the year was the theme, “Go Live!”: increasing awareness of and engagement with the Community. This focus saw new milestones in the Community’s pursuit of its mission: self-organizing for impact and ensuring that young leaders have a seat at the table to shape the agenda. For more details on results, please see the sections below on Community in Action (both global and local) and overall Highlights.

The global footprint grew from 354 Hubs in June 2013, to 452 Hubs worldwide (28% growth) with over 5,246 Global Shapers by the end of June 2015. The 400th Hub was also the northernmost as the Anchorage Hub in Alaska was launched. The 450th Hub was the Imphal Hub, which is the capital of Manipur state in India. The Community’s impact continues to grow strongly as the number of Hubs undertaking projects in their communities has risen from 210 in June 2014 to over 300 Hubs undertaking projects by June 2015. Also this year, a limited impact assessment study was completed successfully with the aim to implement this methodology across the Community.

In addition, this year saw new outputs such as the first ever Annual Survey of the Global Shapers Community as the community deepens its capacity for thought leadership. Another special output was the Shaping Davos series where Global Shapers created opportunities to explore local solutions to 10 global challenges across 40 cities.

The year also marked a new era with the Foundation’s Global Community Partners. The Coca-Cola Company enjoyed the highest level of engagement with its Shaping a Better Future campaign and dedicated pages to its partnership with GSC in its Global Sustainability Report. The Abraaj Group launched its first-ever campaign which received the highest level of engagement on record. The Abraaj Group has also dedicated space to the GSC on its corporate website.

We are thus pleased to report that the year “Go Live” achieved its objectives and resulted in the highest level of activity on record. 2014/2015 saw: more organizations requesting collaboration, stronger engagement with current Community Partners, more media coverage, bolder and more impactful Hub projects, more people attending SHAPE events and also a higher level of engagement with all our stakeholders. The year ahead from July 2015 to June 2016 will see the Global Shapers Community shift to consolidation with a focus on: partnerships and improving the quality of its activities. Please see more in the section on Strategic Outlook.

All achievements, present and future, are only possible thanks to Global Shapers themselves and thanks to the generous support of partners and collaborators at all levels. Beyond an annual activity report, this first-ever annual report also marks a special milestone that closes a chapter on a remarkable first four years in the life of the Global Shapers Community. And so as you review these activities, please join us in thanking all those who have worked to get the Community to this point. A special thank you for the expertise, the time, the funds and more that you give which enables this Community to continue to focus on its mission.

We look forward to your continued invaluable support as the Global Shapers Community moves into the next phase of its development.

With kind regards,

Yemi Babington-Ashaye
Head, Global Shapers Community

David Aikman
Managing Director, World Economic Forum

Global Footprint

Countries & Territories
Hubs doing projects
Global Shapers

Milestones and Highlights

24-26 July 2014

SHAPE China in Beijing

21-25 August 2014

The 3rd Annual Curators Meeting welcomed over 310 Curators from more than 150 countries around the world to Geneva.

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4-6 September 2014

SHAPE Europe in Lisbon

6-7 September 2014

SHAPE Eurasia in Astana

10-12 September 2014

50 Global Shapers attend the Annual Meeting of the New Champions in Tianjin, People’s Republic of China

11 September 2014

6 Hubs are awarded 100,000CHF in grants thanks to ClimateSHAPE, aimed at funding Hub projects that deal with climate change. The Chennai Hub won the grand prize of 50,000 for their project Kabadiwalla Connect.

10-12 October 2014

SHAPE Asia-Pacific in Hanoi

4-6 November 2014

50 Global Shapers attend the India Economic Summit in New Delhi, India

19 November 2014

40 Global Shapers travelled to the Vatican where they met with Pope Francis to share ideas that support greater social and economic inclusion around the world.

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3-4 December 2014


30 December 2014

The Anchorage Hub is the 400th Hub in the Global Shapers Community

January 2015

With Shaping Davos, the Global Shapers Community produced a conversation that featured local solutions to global issues. Through a series of live events hosted by the Global Shapers Community, and using two-way video communications technology, Shaping Davos connected 40 cities from around the world to discuss 10 topics related to the theme of the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting 2015. These 10 conversations were streamed live and were watched on mobile phones and computers across the world.

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21-24 January 2015

50 Global Shapers attend the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland

22 January 2015

The Coca-Cola Company announces the winners of the 3rd annual Coca-Cola Shaping a Better Future Grant Challenge. The Chandigarh Hub is awarded $50,000 and 5 other Hubs are awarded $10,000 each.

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23 February 2015

The Foundation launches a public process with technology providers to learn the possibilities to improve the Community’s virtual collaboration platform, the Global Hub.

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March 2015

Members of the first ever Election Committee of the Global Shapers Community are announced. The Election Committee provides a service to Hubs around the world by overseeing the Hub election process and ensuring that Hubs adhere to the spirit and letter of the Community's charter and to the Election Guidelines. The Election Committee is independent and is comprised of seven members and each is appointed by the Head of the Global Shapers Community to serve a three-year mandate.

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30 March 2015

A record number of Hubs complete elections to select the Curators for the year from July 2015 to June 2016.

April 2015

The Abraaj Growth Markets Grant awards more than $120,000 in grants to Hub projects around the world, the entire amount coming from Abraaj employee contributions.

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April 2015

Shape Sustainability launches “Sustainability Sundays.” The campaign reaches 10 cities in 10 weeks and over 10 million impressions on social media

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19-21 April 2015

30 Global Shapers attend the World Economic Forum on East Asia in Jakarta, Indonesia

6-8 May 2015

50 Global Shapers attend the World Economic Forum on Latin America in Riviera Maya, Mexico

14-16 May 2015

SHAPE Latin America in Salvador da Bahia

21-23 May 2015

50 Global Shapers attend the World Economic Forum on Middle East and North Africa in Dead Sea, Jordan

3-5 June 2015

80 Global Shapers attend the World Economic Forum on Africa in Cape Town, South Africa

18 June 2015

The Global Shapers Community proudly welcomes its 450th Hub, as the Manipur Hub in India begins operations.

22 June 2015

Frankie Fredericks of the New York City Hub and Tana Jambaldorj of the Ulaanbaatar Hub are awarded full scholarships to Said Business School, University of Oxford’s MBA programme.

30 June 2015

108 Hubs submit projects for the 4th annual Coca-Cola Shaping a Better Future grant challenge and Hubs begin voting for their favourite projects.

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Financial Statements

Strong activity this past year is reflected in the financial statements of the Global Shapers Community, with large operating costs driven by an increase in activities.

Strategic Outlook

Over the last 4 years, the Global Shapers Community witnessed a rapid growth and roll-out of activities. The year 2015/2016 will be a year of consolidation, with a focus on ensuring financial sustainability and improving the quality of our activities. Priorities for the coming year include:

Financial Sustainability and the search for the right Partners

Financial sustainability is an important enabler of the Community’s ability to fulfil its mission. Bringing on board organisations that are aligned with the Community’s values is a top priority and we seek partners at the global, regional, and national levels. In addition, we will continue to explore creative ways to translate the great support that this Community receives into financial sustainability for the years to come.

Strengthening membership and diversity

Instead of growing the number of Hubs, we focus on strengthening existing membership by increasing the number of Shapers in Hubs. This is coupled with a continued focus on diversity as the power and resilience of the Global Shapers Community is grounded in its openness to, and inclusion of, young leaders from all backgrounds. The GSC welcomes Shapers with impressive achievements as well as those who demonstrate great potential. These individuals are united by the shared sense of purpose provided by our mission.

More Impact, More Measurements: Strengthening our activities with data and processes

In June 2015 and for the first time, the Foundation concluded a limited impact assessment of 20 Hub projects with a view to developing and testing a methodology to capture the diverse ways that every Hub makes a contribution to its local community. Measuring the GSC’s impact is the beginning of a new era for the Global Shapers Community and in the coming period we will take this study to a larger group so that we can collectively share the news about the impact of the Community globally. The will continue a trend of using more data across our operations.

Leveraging Technology

Technology must play a larger role as part of the Foundation’s strategic solutions in this period of consolidation. Technology to support the growth of the Community, its activities with partners, stakeholders and even between Global Shapers. The right application of technology will not only support effective cost management it will also enable the production of insights that enhance the GSC’s success.

In 2015/2016, to the extent that we can achieve success on these 4 elements, we will take giant strides towards sustained success and fulfilling the mission of the Global Shapers Community.

We thank you for your strong support and look forward to writing the next chapter of the Global Shapers Community together.

With kind regards,

Yemi Babington-Ashaye
Head, Global Shapers Community

Adrian Monck
Managing Director, World Economic Forum
Head of Public Engagement and Foundations

Our people

The team in 2014-2015

David Aikman
Head of New Champions, World Economic Forum 2014-2015
Adeyemi Babington-Ashaye
Head, Global Shapers Community
Wadia Ait Hamza
Head of Interactions
Chidiogo Akunyili
Senior Community Manager, Africa
Shimer Diao
Community Manager, China Region
Antonio Gomez Lopez
Senior Community Manager, Latin America
Johann Hartmann
Team Coordinator
Anastasia Kalinina
Associate Director, Head of Hub Activity
Murray Nicol
Senior Manager, Media and Communications
Manuel Wachter
Associate Director, Head of Hub Development
Melih Nurluel
Associate Director, Head of Programmes
Vijay Raju
Associate Director, Head of Collaborations
Olympia Mantzourou
Head of Partnerships
Vera Schneider
Head of Architecture

The Global Shapers Team: Shaping the Shapers

Our partners

Global Community Partners

Regional and National Community Partners


  • Being an agent of positive change has no minimum age requirement. As a proud Founding Global Partner of the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers Community, The Coca-Cola Company believes young people have an indispensable role in shaping a brighter future. Over the past four years, the Global Shapers movement has grown and thrived, using a grassroots approach and an entrepreneurial spirit to tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges. The Global Shapers are constructively discontent, with an infectious sense of positive purpose, and they’re dedicated to leaving this world better than they found it. Partnering with the Global Shapers Community inspires Coca-Cola and renews our optimism for the future.

    Muhtar Kent. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, The Coca-Cola Company
  • We actively work towards empowering youth to be positive contributors in their communities, and to engage with the next generation on their journey to leadership, we became a partner of the Global Shapers Community in 2013. Our support for Shapers extended to knowledge-sharing sessions, one-on-one mentorship with colleagues worldwide, as well as supporting hub projects through the inaugural Abraaj Growth Markets Grant which is entirely funded by our staff. We are proud to have enabled Shapers' ambitions and look forward to seeing this vibrant community thrive.

    Arif Naqvi, Founder and Group Chief Executive of The Abraaj Group
  • As individuals and corporations continue to adapt and evolve in a fast-changing and interconnected world, the Global Shapers have inspired consistent and much-needed dialogue, to develop solutions to surmount the societal challenges we still encounter. Oando’s commitment and responsibility to the Global Shapers is hinged on our belief in the short to long term strategic implementation of far-reaching, inclusive socio-economic initiatives which we believe will create a stream of opportunities, significantly impact human lives for the better, and further transform civic society, government, and organisations. Drawn from different parts of the world, the Shapers reaffirm our conviction as social entrepreneurs that we are all instrumental in shaping the world into a better place, one person at a time. We are tremendously delighted with their achievements thus far, and hope that with our support they will continue to collaborate across global communities, conceptualizing innovative methods, and creating a better future today.

    Mr Tinubu, Group Chief Executive Oando PLC
  • I have learned never to fight alone. There are Global Shapers around the world who care about the same issues I care about. Involving them in my work has grown my organization from local to international in the past year. I've also had two major consulting clients who chose to work with me because I'm a Global Shaper. Personally, Shapers have been a great source of motivation and encouragement. When I consider the remarkable achievements of Shapers who may be younger than me or from countries less privileged than my own, it challenges me to sit up and do more. And after I had a baby and experienced months of postpartum depression; I was overwhelmed by the love from the Shaper Community. It was especially other first time shaper moms who gave me the courage to get through it. That support was essential to me "getting my groove" back.
    Finally being a shaper has strengthened my respect for diversity as I have had the opportunity to meet, dialogue and work with people of different nationalities, beliefs and sexual orientations.

    Yawa Hansen-Quao. Global Shaper, Accra Hub. Member of the Foundation Board of the Global Shapers Community
  • The earthquake was an important milestone because only when this disaster occurred did we truly learn what it means to be a Global Shaper. Looking at the way the Kathmandu Hub came together in the aftermath of the earthquake, we saw a tremendous bond growing amongst our group of young, ambitious, and talented people who were searching for a way to make an impact in our local community. What was even more overwhelming and humbling was the way the larger Global Shaper Community offered their support whether by sending funds, mobilizing other resources, or by sending the much needed notes of goodwill that we needed in such tough times. It gave us the feeling that we were not alone in our struggle but that we had a network of 450+ Hubs to provide technical and financial support.  The Kathmandu Global Shapers are truly blessed to be a part of such a diverse, impactful, and thoughtful community. Having this platform of smart and connected Global Shapers around the world, gives us in Kathmandu an opportunity to leverage our shared knowledge and experience to give local projects a global outlook. We hope to lead by example in further mobilizing the youth of Nepal towards socially impactful projects and initiatives because we know that true change can only be achieved with critical mass.

    Kathmandu Hub, Global Shapers Community
  • Being a Global Shaper means not being the only misfit, but being surrounded, inspired and supported by other misfits around the world that want to change it for the better. In my personal experience, there is life before and after joining this Community. LatAm Shapers are living the dream of a united LatAm through collaboration and impact and working with my fellow San Juan Shapers to improve our community is so rewarding.

    Denisse Rodriguez, Global Shaper, San Juan Hub
  • We have a voice and contribution to the decision-making of today which will affect the future that we are going to live in tomorrow. It shook me to realize that we are having an impact much beyond our own selves. When a young Chinese and a Japanese, an Israeli and a Palestinian work together on a social cross-hub project, it might just be the answer to end poverty, tackle global climate change, gap gender inequity and to stop man-made tragedies altogether one day.

    Kathy Gong. Global Shaper, Beijing II Hub. Member of the Foundation Board of the Global Shapers Community
  • Being a part of the Global Shapers Community has been the most important community engagement in my life. I have met people who are undoubtedly the future leaders of the world, people who are saving the world in ways I could have never imagined, and most importantly, people who have become lifelong friends. I can now travel to any part of the world and meet amazing, like-minded people, who can help me advance my pursuits, and who I can help advance their pursuits. I have had life changing experiences on a regular basis because of my involvement with the Global Shapers Community, because it allows me to meet other high-performance, honest, and humble leaders to share, learn, and grow with.

    Japman Bajaj. Global Shaper, Calgary Hub
  • The Global Shapers Community offers youth a platform to truly make an impact within their local communities while allowing for significant personal development.

    Mounir Kabbara. Global Shaper, Riyadh Hub
  • The Global Shapers Community is more than simply talented young individuals but more like a family integrated by passionate members who sacrifice their time, effort and resources to make a better world. Personally, it means the opportunity to be inspired and to inspire others to actively shape our environment with our talents and skills without expecting to be rewarded; it derives from a natural instinct to impact and improve the lives of others.

    Luis Sena. Global Shaper, Santo Domingo Hub
  • Over 50 percent of the world's population is under the age of 27. Yet they are severely underrepresented in global affairs. If you allow that to sink in, you will see how critically unbalanced our decision-making processes are....The Global Shapers embody the 'community of the future', bringing together young people in a diverse, decentralized, and digitally hyper-connected way." The Forum's decision was a responsible one and totally in line with its influential position, the world needed an intervention and there are not many organizations better positioned to elevate this call to action to better engage and empower youth.

    Kirk-Anthony Hamilton. Global Shaper, Kingston Hub
  • Global Shapers community provides me a global platform to join likeminded young people to shape the future. When I see the shapers at different hubs are united by a common goal and working hard to create impact using all their spare time, their energy and commitment installs passion and conviction in me.
    Through my enlightening journey of working with the Shapers on Annual Curator Meetings, Annual Meeting of New Champions, SHAPE China and regional gathering for Australian and New Zealand Shapers, I found Global Shapers Community has so matured my self-identity, and has helped me develop a new found passion of contributing to the broader community through building strong leadership and commitment.
    That also reminds me about Chinese saying: A single spark can start a prairie fire; to me all the hubs around the world are sparks. I am so proud amongst these sparks. Through our own personal growth and the community growth with quality, Shapers can ignite flames of great positive change around the world with our passion and commitment.

    Jean Dong. Global Shaper, Melbourne Hub
  • Leading a group of exceptional people was a big challenge that has turned into an exceptional opportunity. Getting closer to the shapers of the Madrid hub has allowed me to learn from their fears and motivations and, indirectly, to understand myself better. But being part of this global community, which has suddenly turned into a big family, is what has really encouraged my trust on our capacity to create impact.

    Sebastian Feimblatt. Curator, Madrid Hub (2014-2015)
  • The Global Shapers Community gave me the opportunity to interact with global young citizens that belong to the same principles and values, having a purpose to give back, while having different backgrounds and without ever meeting before.

    Waleed Abdel Rahman. Global Shaper, Beirut Hub. Managing Director, MIT Technology Review, Pan Arab
  • Global Shapers has opened up new opportunities for me: from tackling local issues with the hub's Shapers, to attending the World Economic Forum on Latin America. This was a stepping stone of pure joy and motivation where I met other Latin American Shapers and extraordinary global minds that gave me the incentive to seek and create impactful projects. Global Shapers, more than being just a network, generates a strong friendship bond with engaged youth. We come from different backgrounds, but we are similar in our differences. Global Shapers means the world to me, as friends, advisors, and mentors. Also, it is a gateway to interact with high level actors, one only dreams on having. In this sense, I am extremely grateful for this life changing opportunity!

    Bibi Gonzalez. Global Shaper, Guatemala City Hub
  • Being a Global Shaper means to be a conscious and engaged leader and contributor in your work and community. For me as part of the Minneapolis Hub – I’ve found incredible benefit in belonging to a like-minded group of individuals that are all doing amazing work individually, but choose to come together and be part of a community that interacts with and benefits individuals, local community, and a global network. Beyond our Minneapolis Hub, I’ve been able to meet, create friendships, and stay connected with people from around the region and world. My favorite part is visiting/hosting Shapers, and getting together at events to dream big and figure out a way to solve challenges locally and globally. Being a Global Shaper has been a learning experience that feeds my curiosity and desire to make a positive impact on the world I live in, and develop leadership skills and perspective that influence my work, community, and relationships with others.

    Tanya Schmitt. Global Shaper, Minneapolis Hub
  • Being a Global Shaper has opened many doors for me. I attribute a large portion of my success to being a part of a community that continuously inspires me to do more.

    Khalid Alkhudair. Global Shaper, Riyadh Hub. CEO, GloWork
  • Great experience that challenges you to be a better person and leader.

    Nicolo Pecchi. Curator, Milano Hub (2014-2015)
  • As a proud Founding Curator of the Shenzhen Hub, I have been very much inspired by Global Shapers Community's initiatives targeted towards improving the world. I believe the young generation will be crucial for the world's innovation and advancement. Through my involvement with GSC, I remain positive that the future will be a better place compared to where we stand today.

    Lijun Lin. Founding Curator, Shenzhen Hub
  • Many Shapers who are my friends know my life story. I had never been given the opportunity to participate in an international network up until September 2012, when I was invited to be part of the Global Shapers - Asuncion Hub. Three years have passed since I became part of the community, and I can happily say that the time spent on each of the activities organized locally and internationally have been very successful for my personal and professional life. Global Shapers for me is a family, where there are hubs in many countries with brothers and sisters that share your same values ​​and are working for a positive transformation of their countries, who dream big and are humble. They are always willing to collaborate and contribute ideas from anywhere in the world. Despite the different cultures, religions, political parties, and languages, they ​​join a common cause us improve the state of the world. The Shapers are like brothers. Thank you to everyone for inspiring me, for teaching me that the world goes beyond of what I know, and for helping us grow through the different stories and experiences shared. We are a generation that is willing to collaborate and make a difference in the world. Aguyjevete Global Shapers Community.

    Lorena Rios. Global Shaper, Asunción Hub
  • A big honor to be a part of the Global Shapers Community and put my city of Ivanovo on the map of the World Economic Forum. Ivanovo was a two-time finalist of the European Youth Capital Contest in 2011 and 2012 and is preparing to host the International Youth Festival in 2021. Our joining the Global Shapers movement confirms again that Ivanovo is a really youthful city, the city to live, not to leave. For me personally, Global Shapers opened the World Economic Forum as an influential international institute with rich history. As a Shaper, I had a chance to take part in some WEF events and visit WEF headquarters to get insights of how it works.

    Dmitry Maslov. Founding Curator, Ivanovo Hub
  • The Re-Generation experience has been fantastic. It is the first program of its kind in Greece. A very good initiative for people who did not have access to all these opportunities, to start their first internships.

    Beneficiary of “Re-Generation” project of the Athens Hub
  • Young people are greatly under-represented in global affairs, even though they make up 50% of the world’s population. As innovators, digital natives and those most impacted by today’s policy decisions, they deserve a seat at the table. The Global Shapers embody the “community of the future”, bringing together young people in a diverse, decentralized, and digitally hyperconnected way. The Global Shapers Community is an initiative of the World Economic Forum and is independent, neutral, non-political and not for profit.

    Bradley Morris. Founding Curator, Victoria Hub
  • ​To be a Global Shaper is to find myself in the perfect position between motivation and the tools to achieve my objectives. Motivation is innate to everyone: Some of us decide to pay attention to it and nurture it while others let it go. For those that nurture it, we find ourselves with the responsibility (auto-imposed) of answering to our surroundings and the world. Be a Global Shaper is be part of this group of dreamers who act so that the motivation propagates and leaves tangible results in our communities. Thanks for allowing me to be part of this amazing community.

    Andrés Piñeiro. Global Shaper, Panamá Hub
  • The Global Shapers Community made me find myself and gave me the opportunity to feel for the first time in my life that I am valued and that my voice matters. It has opened my inner me to see the world from different perspectives and to always think on my toes because I know the world is counting on me. Professor Schwab sacrificed his image for the betterment of youth therefore we owe it to the world, ourselves, our friends and family to help make this world a better place for all.

    Rosalin Abigail Kyere-Nartey. Global Shaper, Kumasi Hub
  • I felt that it was a privilege to be a humble, but still important part of the World Economic Forum's efforts to improve the state of the world. Changing the world is not an easy task, but every step counts and each hub makes a contribution to the main goal; sometimes with small baby steps, sometimes a much bigger, even impressive achievement. The most important thing is never stopping the move forward. With more than 400 hubs all around the world we're stronger than ever to make bigger changes. As the Founding Curator of the Ankara Hub, I take pride in bringing together a very distinguished set of young people with diversified backgrounds who'll -I sincerely hope that- make the hub a strong part of these perpetual efforts. We're already chosen and being supported by the Abraaj Group and the Embassy of the United States in Ankara for two important projects. The first project will help women felt artists to earn better living standards with a sustainable solution and the second project will inspire hundreds, maybe thousands of people to be more perceptive on human interactions. These are just tiny drops in an ocean, but every drop counts. So it was and it still is a great pleasure and honour to be able to work with a great group of young people who are trying to change the world and make it a better place. Therefore I'm deeply grateful to the World Economic Forum for this priceless opportunity.

    Eray Akdag. Founding Curator, Ankara Hub
  • First of all, I would like to thank Global Shapers Community and its Founderer His Excellency WEF President Mr.Klaus Schwab for such a great opportunity to have experience of being a Global Shaper. The Global Shapers platform is a unique floor for sharing experience, making connections and new friends all around the world. Being a  Curator is the cream of it. I enjoyed every minute of it. In my city, Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, located at the heart of Russia, we have a lot of youth societies and institutes, which are positioning themselves as important elements of the social infrastructure of the city. I have the pleasure to state, that with the help of my shapers-fellows we have managed to put Kazan Hub of the Global Shapers Community forward to become one of the key trend-setting bodies in our society.  My shapers-fellows and I have realised a number of important projects during the year, most of them concerned the fields of education and talents management, which seems to me very symbolic. Youth needs knowledge and some help to make it possible shape a better future for the society.

    Olga Kamardina. Curator, Kazan Hub (2014-2015)
  • Be a shaper makes you commit to society. As a Shaper you create, articulate and implement projects and initiatives that create impact for your country or region of influence. For me, to be a global shaper has been the best way to channel and exercise my leadership.

    Jorge Yepes. Global Shaper, Medellin Hub
  • When you first hear about the Global Shapers Community, you surely find a lot of weight in the name. A community that is global & believes in shaping. And GSC surely is an impactful one. I got a chance to be a part of this community and the love and the energy I have seen in all the young people of the world is tremendous. When you are young, you have nothing to fear and that's how we as shapers are. Fearless. The Global Shapers Community has been a very vital catalyst in shaping me as an individual. I come from a small city in India and here, we worry about small things like in any part of the world. Being a shaper, I understood that its important to worry about things but it's also very important to find out a way to make them right. This is one small thing that has influenced me and my community a lot.
    In the Surat hub, we grew from a team of 2 shapers to almost 20 today and when we sit in a meeting today, we know that the very gathering of ours, selfless, motivated individuals, coming together to do something better for their city, not with a vested interest but with a passion to make the country and the world better place, it says all. We are a much better community today and importantly, we are better humans. This is what GSC has also taught us.
    As Prof. Schwab rightly says, we are here to bind, bond & build. The GSC is not just a community, its a family of individuals who are here to do something and shape the world.

    Saurabh Pacheriwala. Global Shaper, Surat Hub
  • Being a Curator of Sarajevo Hub was an unique experience as I had opportunity to work with such a diverse group of young people for the first time. This was a year in which we built a basis for future Hub development, including registration of non-for-profit organization. I am happy that our Hub was one of the most represented Hubs at Shape Europe 2014 in Lisbon with 5 shapers participating in the event. We also submitted our application to host a Shape Europe, what confirms Sarajevo hub's dedication to cross-hub collaboration and GS community development. Fortunately, I stay part of this community and I believe that during my curatorship we started building sustainable organization which will enable upcoming young leaders to contribute to society in the years to come.

    Jasminko Halilovic. Curator, Sarajevo Hub (2014-2015)
  • Being Global Shapers makes us fully realize how important what we are doing is, as most of our day-time work are of great significance for improving the specific industry we are working in. Through Global Shapers Community, we feel that young generation does have the power of shaping the world, especially when we are well organized by such a network to promote constructive projects in local society. What makes us proud and thankful is the opportunity that we get to be involved in shaping global agenda and sharing insights and vision from our generation with the help of Global Shapers Community.

    Eric Wang. Global Shaper, Beijing Hub
  • To be a global shaper is to have the opportunity to meet people that are not happy with the current state of affairs around the world but that are working to resolve some of them from different perspective. It is to be able to find siblings you never saw before and for which a single conversation makes us realize that we want the same things for the world.

    Sebastian Salinas Claro. Incoming Curator, Santiago Hub
  • I am very inspired to work with young leaders who are fuelled with curiosity, motivated to tackle tough problems and smart enough to meet inevitable world changes responsibly. I am convinced that with joint effort, kind heart, devotion and perseverance, we can lead the way and create future pathways towards a better tomorrow.

    Sona Mirzoyan. Curator, Yerevan Hub (2014-2015)
  • I am the leader/shaper of today and if I fail at reaching my goals for today. I have an army of 5000+ energising me towards a better world. That's the red bull shot in your arm that being a Shaper brings

    Kariba Moko. Global Shaper, Nairobi Hub
  • It was an unusual learning experience - also about myself and my ability to build profound relationships. No project is able to last if not relying on trust between team members and on the feeling of joint ownership of the undertaking. The curator's task is to sparkle the energy and build the team spirit in an organic "bottom up" way. As easy and smooth as it may sound, it is in fact a challenge because every single Global Shaper has a strong personality and an opinion of his own. The curator is always caught in the middle and has to improve and prove his smart leadership skills. Leading a Hub enhances your soft and hard skills and teaches you to embrace the unexpected. While putting up a project, you experience new situations and you tackle many troublesome issues, not knowing that you are doing a great favour to your future self. You simply learn to see challenges, rather than problems and to perceive difficulties as opportunities, which is an utterly relevant skill for your professional career. I recommend it to all. Last but not least, attending the Annual Curators Meeting is an adventure on its own - you are taken out of your every day context and for five days you join a crowd of the brightest, kindest and the most inspiring people that you have ever had a chance to meet.

    Maria Belka. Curator, Warsaw Hub (2014-2015)
  • Being a Global Shaper and curator of Nice Hub (founding curator) in 2014/2015, was an unforgettable experience and a very rich human and professional adventure. I have learnt a lot not only about the others (shapers from Europe and around the world, and shapers of my hub...), but also about myself! From the others I learnt new skills, new ways of thinking and other perspectives especially that they come from different backgrounds, cultures and countries, while I learnt some capabilities of my own that were not discovered yet, and could demonstrate to myself that my leadership skills and networking assets are not just an illusion. Lao Tzu resumed it once when he said: "Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power

    Jauad El-Kharraz. Founding Curator, Nice Hub
  • Global Shapers Community is about connecting and networking with our fellow youth within our communities and on a global level, with paying attention to diversity and inclusion. It's the only network in the world that includes youth in the discussions between world leaders. All of that provides us with a supportive platform to bring change to our local societies.

    Ayah Al Fawaris. Global Shaper, Kuwait City Hub
  • It means I'm in charge of the change and part of the most inspiring and action-driven youth community of the globe. People who dream and SHAPE this planet!

    Felipe Dib. Global Shaper & Founding Curator, Campo Grande Hub
  • Being a Global Shaper is very interesting and useful for anyone. It is an oportunity to enlarge and develope your mentality, and get acquited with new frsh, interesting and banana people. Being Curator in 2014/2015 was great privilege and oportunity. On other hand it was big responsibility for me to maintain and develope WEF's philosophy and ideas in Ekaterinburg. I think it is very useful experience for my and people's in our hub future life. Thank you Nastya and all Global Shapers' team for opportunity to be a part of that global project.

    Alexei Bushtruk. Curator, Ekaterinburg Hub (2014-2015)
  • Being a Global Shaper has become a kind of lifestyle for me both in business and leisure. The global network with a large group of very diversified and outstanding young people opens a window for me to think about issues from a local scenario to a cross-broad background. Now, whenever I go to a new country, one of the top to-dos in my agenda is to contact the Shapers there. And every time it works! And I have also retreated Shapers from other hubs when they are in Shanghai. This community has its own magic which I would like to call "bonding", and a sense of Family.

    Kelly Mingxia Lu. Global Shaper, Shanghai Yangpu Hub
  • “Serving as the Curator of the Athens Hub for 2014-2015 has been a true honor and privilege. 2015 has been a milestone year for the Hub since we managed to scale up ReGeneration, establish its position as a the most impactful, youth multi-stakeholder initiative in Greece, and create large-scale, positive impact to the younger generation of the country that is severely stricken by the disproportionately high unemployment rates. Looking back to what we have achieved I cannot be more proud and excited to continue being a member of the Global Shapers Community."

    Stefania Panousi. Curator, Athens Hub (2014-2015)
  • Found, bonded, builded using my heart, brain and soul

    Zeynab Jahan. Curator, Baku Hub (2014-2015)
  • Global Shapers is a community of extraordinarily interesting, creative, and dynamic people. Spending time with them at the hub meetings or at the reunion in Geneva has been very enriching and inspiring.

    Jakub Klepal. Curator, Prague Hub (2014-2015)
  • Being a Curator for the Zurich Hub has been a breathtaking experience. It has been both a privilege and a challenge at the same time; a privilege to lead a Hub of highly talented, motivated achievers and at the same time a challenge to inspire excellent individuals to work together for goals that extend above individuality. Our talent is to be the dreamers, our passion is to be the doers. As Curator my duty was to galvanise synergistic approaches to achieve impactful changes in our local community and beyond.

    Epameinondas Gousopoulos. Curator, Zurich Hub (2014-2015)
  • Being a Curator of the Budapest Hub in 2014/2015 required me to develop a new model of leadership in my community and in myself. Not being a student anymore, but still finding the time to act upon our values and ideas, was not easy to execute. I am proud of my HUB for having the courage and ambition to set our vision for Youth in Hungary. We are a strong team who I am confident will get closer and closer in the coming years to spread this leadership model and motivate positive change around us.

    Luca Keresztesi. Curator, Budapest Hub (2014-2015)
  • Being selected as a member of this phenomenal community has improved me in personal life and in business. I have an expanded community of friends I can share my thoughts and ideas with; I have met people who gave me deals and most especially I have become more of an impact driven person where I front lined the grant winning initiative of the Lagos Hub called 'The Business Skills Workshop' which has improved more than a hundred and eighty micro and small businesses of young people in Lagos. I find the community embracing and motivating, I am inspired everyday by the spirit of friendship shared across the world, from Geneva to Africa to Europe to Asia to America. It just makes the world so small where reaching anyone is simple. Thank you Global Shapers Community. Thank You World Economic Forum. Thank Your Prof. Klaus Schwab.

    David-Lanre Messan. Global Shaper, Lagos Hub
  • The Global Shapers Community to me, is where innovative solutions to society’s most pressing problems can be created and sustained. There is nothing as impactful as an innovative idea in the hand of a Global Shaper.

    Abdelhamid Bousaadi. Global Shaper, Marrakech Hub
  • The opportunity to work with such a diverse group of​ shapers has been invaluable. It is like being with family - it's not like a job, it's about the common passion that is shared by other members. Each and every shaper is respected and his or her contribution is considered important. At the same time, being a founding curator of the Bishkek Hub has also taught me to become a real leader. To rely on other team members, shape their skills and prepare the next generation of curators.

    Mirsuljan Namazaaly. Founding Curator, Bishkek Hub
  • Being a Global Shaper means to me to find inspiration to be a better person, to find the courage to engage into projects that will impact my city and to know that the world is just an inbox away, that makes infinite possibilities into probable projects. The Global Shapers Community is filled by remarkable individuals from 169 countries with the common goal to make the world a better place, that feeling of connection is greater. more transcendent, than the barriers among us.

    Adriana Castellanos, Curator, Guatemala City Hub
  • For me, being a curator was both challenging and worthwhile. I made mistakes, I did things well. And I learned, learned, learned. From the Shapers in my hub, from the Shapers in other hubs. Not only at the ACM --which was just a breathtaking experience for me, and I am still in touch regularly with friends I made during the ACM-- but also through hosting many Shapers at my house and during the AMNC in Tianjin. And I learned that there are many wonderful, nice, lovely people all over the world with whom I share dreams and passions.

    Yori Kamphuis. Curator, Amsterdam Hub (2014-2015)
  • When my friend told me about it and I was recommended to become the founding curator my first thoughts was that it was the ordinary "mason" organization that try to use the minds of the clever youth around the world to serve their goals. I tried to ask my friends but the only feed back I got was: "maybe some organization helping people to lose weight through shaping?" But after I got the first call from Anastasia Kalinina, I was interested in learning more about the facilities of GSC. I didn't realize how I became the founder curator of the Grozny Hub. After the annual curators meeting in Geneva, I was full of energy to gather people around me for doing serious things. I met and involved to some projects very interesting people. All of them are wishing to help and do some public affairs but we're not hurry to officially register on the because the political situation in our country. Nevertheless we have participated in some Eurasia wide project Magic New Year and done some nice projects: youth camp for needy families, idea sharing with young entrepreneurs. Shape Eurasia meeting was also very useful for myself and gave me good knowledge and a lot of nice friends around the world.  I am very thankful for you Anastasia and all the team. Hope to be more successful in future.  Happy to be with you!

    Yusuf Magomaev. Founding Curator, Grozny Hub
  • The GSC is to me an embodiment of all the great meaningful and global heights each one of us can reach. You become a Shaper through having been recognized as already being impactful, yet through becoming part of a community it undeniably takes you to the next level. If you wanna go fast go alone, if you wanna travel far go together. Thanks to the GSC one can finally aspire to take social endeavours as a group to a next dimension I couldn't envision as an individual. Thank you for setting forth the platform, now let's get to work.

    Nabil Hamdaoui. Global Shaper, Marrakesh Hub
  • One of the most amazing life experience was to be a shaper and being able to work with other shapers from other hubs has been so impactful to my organisations work. I love the shaper energy & support its makes me feel that l belong to a global family GSC.

    Alvin Nyika. Global Shaper, Harare Hub
  • Global Shapers Community has been a life changing experience for me. It has given me the opportunity to interact, engage and work with youths from Ahmedabad and from all across the globe in a collaborative manner to change the status quo. As an individual I have become more enriched & informed in last three years of my association with the community on global issues with access to global leaders, changemakers and brilliant brains. Also, made lifelong friends!
    I have represented the Hub to discuss new solutions to the challenge of social and economic exclusion at a meeting with Pope Francis at Vatican city. I participated in Annual Curators Meeting in Geneva which was a potpourri of culture, creed, communities and countries and an overwhelming experience to meet with diverse folks.
    As a community, we have worked on promoting entrepreneurship, empowering women, making utility products from waste plastic pens to creating an informative comic book to inform young kids about the law and their duties in Ahmedabad. We organized the first ever Shape South Asia meet in Ahmedabad where government, corporate and youths brainstormed for actionable ideas for making our cities more livable and inclusive. We at Ahmedabad have become a close knit community with varied expertise has committed to local changes to make a global impact.

    Kumar Manish. Global Shaper, Ahmedabad Hub