Fourth Industrial Revolution

Artists are reclaiming technology to envision a human-centered future.


Invisible Images of Surveillance
From facial recognition software to self-driving cars and social media, artist and geographer Trevor Paglen uncovers the uncomfortably growing links between surveillance, artificial intelligence networks and our daily lives.

Watch live here on January 24th at 16.30 CET

Stop to Think: Selfie Culture
How is selfie culture changing the way we see ourselves and connect with others?

Game Changers: Playing Games for Good
Games are not only for entertainment, diversion, relaxation and fantasy. Designer and inventor Mary Flanagan unveils a world of gaming that will change the way we make decisions and solve global issues.

Watch live here on January 25th at 16.30 CET

Unleashing the Empathy Machine?
Studies have proven that virtual reality is an effective tool to create empathy. Yet, debate continues on how it can actually change human behaviour for the better and creating relevant content remains a challenge. How can global technologists and local changemakers be connected to create virtual experiences with ultimate social impact?