Down to Earth

Los Angeles-based artist Mike Stilkey scours libraries for disused books. Over time, libraries have learned about his process of repurposing books into artwork and have donated books to him that would otherwise be discarded. Stilkey paints on the spines of the books, turning them into monumental sculptures. In doing so the artist adds his story to the stories contained within the books, giving them new life and revealing shared narratives.

For the Annual Meeting, Stilkey has collaborated with the World Economic Forum to create an eight-metre high installation painted on the spines of 8,000 disused books. Down to Earth explores the Annual Meeting’s theme, Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World, and in particular the tension between cultural identity and the globalization of knowledge.

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Fractures Fractures

Pollution kills more people each year than AIDS, TB, malaria, malnutrition, road accidents, war and murder combined. Our economic systems indeed have far-reaching unintended consequences, including in places we rarely or never see.

Using breath-taking photography from National Geographic, Fractures, a projection mapping installation—a type of poetic animated photo montage on a large surface— will take participants to the world’s most remote locations to understand the fractures caused by our thirst for economic progress.

Fractures Fractures

Changes that we are seeing in those places are telling of a broader trend that raises questions about our own long-term prosperity on this planet. Will we find the common will to reverse these trends?

Fractures is developed in collaboration with National Geographic and designed by Zsolt Balogh for New Visual Paradigm.

Zero Days

The virtual reality documentary Zero Days VR places participants inside the invisible world of computer viruses, experiencing the high stakes of cyber warfare at a human scale. In this excerpt of the documentary, participants can experience how this digital threat is closer to home than we realize, representing a new chapter in modern warfare. Zero Days VR is based on the Oscar shortlisted Participant Media documentary Zero Days. Directed by Yasmin Elayat. A Scatter Production.